The Screen Debate.

Hey guys

It’s been a while, a huge while in fact. Balancing motherhood, working and basically adulating has been one of the biggest challenges I have faced. I don’t want to bore you with how much washing I have done this week, or the fact that Lolo repeats everything I say. Oh and I’m completely obsessed with Love Island so bedtime routines are essential for my 9pm viewing time. This chapter of my life has been amazing despite the different obstacles I face daily, I wouldn’t change it for the world.

The older Lauren has become, the more independent she is. She can put herself to sleep when she’s extremely tired, watch Trolls on Netflix and feed herself. In comparison to when she was my little love bug, I could leave her in her bouncer to entertain herself or a mat where she would play with a variety of soft toys. Now she’s a thriving two year old who gets pretty distracted easily.

Recently a fellow mummy visited my crazy household and started questioning me about Lauren’s iPad usage. Which leads on to the title of this post. Is it wrong for my child to watch educational YouTube videos online? I’m sure some mamas will agree with me that electronical devices such as the iPad or phone can be a lifesaver. They keep children busy and allow them to expand their knowledge of, colours, the alphabet and the ability to retain information. I know some mums out there will judge me for letting my daughter use the iPad as it’s “too much screen time.” I’m a strong believer that everything needs to be done in moderation. I’m not saying I’m right or wrong for letting Lolo use the iPad for a few minutes here and there, to help her speech.

I don’t leave Lauren unattended whilst watching videos on YouTube kids, I have learnt three different versions of “Johnny, Johnny yes papa” this morning alone. Lauren is into the amazing channel called “Dave and Ava.” I would completely recommend this channel to babies and children. They have a variety of nursery rhymes, catchy songs with well lighten visuals to keep your child entertained. See not all videos on YouTube are bad! The iPad has many good uses such as being a distraction, in the nail shop, hair shop or on a Sunday night when I’m trying to do Lolo’s hair for the week!

I strongly feel that if letting your child use an electronical device is not a crime, monitoring a child’s usage, and the content that they view is a crucial element to safeguard our children. I completely understand why some parents may be against it, but listening to “Daddy finger” or the “wheels on the bus” a few evenings here and there will not harm them. With all things in parenting we need to do things in moderation and understand what suits our families best!

Weirdly enough I don’t have any pictures of Lolo using the iPad! Here she is playing in the garden.

** What are your thoughts on Screen usage? Share your comments below.**


With Love,


Lolo’s Mummy.





My Tantrum Throwing Toddler!

Hey guys,


As I’m writing this Lolo is snoring the house down as loudly as she can, peacefully enjoying her sleep. When I look down at my little beauty I think how sweet and innocent she looks. Then I breathe a sigh of relief. Some peace and quiet. ‘Mummy police’ don’t judge me, please. Having some ‘me time’ is essential for me to function and not resemble a zombie!

When Lauren turned two, most of my chats with fellow mummies shifted from weaning to tantrums. Initially I thought I was the lucky one. Lauren barely mustered a cry when she wanted something, whinging here and there was the norm but a full-on meltdown was not on the cards. Oh, how times have drastically changed.

Fast forward a couple of months and Lauren is crying, whinging and wailing when things don’t necessarily go her way. Initially it was hard for me to deal with her tantrums in public as I felt other people were watching me to see how I would handle her meltdowns. I’d want the ground to open up and swallow me whole as I hated the fact that yet again my daughter had created a scene in Tesco’s.

Was this the “Terrible Twos” my family and friends had warned me about? Lauren has grown up so much in such a short space of time, her speech has improved, how fast she’s on her feet and she’s very good at making a mess! Lolo tends to cry when we leave somewhere and she’s enjoying herself. The tears start when I reach for her coat and she realises we’re going home. Sometimes I have to sprint to the car, strap her in and drive down the road in a bid to make her fall asleep.

( Lolo after a mini meltdown!)

Over the last few weeks I have learnt to be extremely patient when I sense Lauren is about to throw a tantrum. I no longer get anxious about my surroundings and focus solely on calming her down. I’ve started using the phrases, “not now” and “later” to encourage her to calm down. I focused a lot on the negative aspects of her tantrums without questioning why she was so upset. So yes, I crouch down and talk to my toddler to calm down, in the soft play ball pit with words of encouragement and a smile on my face. Don’t get me wrong it sounds a lot easier than it is. Some situations are harder than others to deal with, but I’ve had to assess things more before getting anxious about her tantrums. I used to offer YouTube time or a snack to calm her down, again this did not always work as when she’s in her moment I try not to offer her something that will upset her more.


I’m the proud mummy of a tantrum throwing two-year-old. As a first time mum I face different challenges daily, this new stage that Lauren is at can be testing at times but has helped become a stronger and patient mother.


** How do you deal with your child’s tantrums or tears when they don’t get their way? Please share your opinions in the comments box below**


With Love,


Lauren’s Mummy.


Motherhood Questions.

Hey guys,

Happy Mother’s Day to all my fellow mummies out there, today is our special day. A day in which mother’s all around the world are celebrated for their hard work.

Lauren is growing rapidly and it just amazes me how my love pot, has grown. Lauren no longer wears baby grows, clings to me for dear life when she spots an unfamiliar face and has started to get an attitude (a completely different blogpost is needed for this!!)

In the past year Lauren has stopped breastfeeding, started eating more, forming sentences and becoming a bit more like me every day. Now I don’t know if that’s a good thing, because she’s seemed to master my dirty looks and my cheeky mannerisms. This is what makes motherhood amazing. Watching her grow up into a ball of fun has been epic.

Here are a few questions asked by my sister about motherhood.

E: What’s your highlight of being a mum?

Me: The best thing about being a mum is the milestones. Watching my baby become this little madam right before my eyes is one of the best things ever. My heart skips a little beat every time Lauren calls me ‘Mummy.’

E: How do you juggle working, motherhood and staying yummy? (I kid you not this was her question.)

Me: When I first started working it was a shock to the system. The early mornings, the broken sleep and trying to get a decent night’s sleep. It’s all about balance and finding a routine that suited myself and my family.

E: What’s your most memorable moment since becoming a mother?

Me: ummm way too many moments to remember. I must say when she started walking, I was crying like a nervous wreck. I was anxious about when she’ll start and when she did I was so unprepared.

E: Have you had any low moments?

Me: When Lauren gets a cold and when she’s teething.

E: What advice would you give to future first time Mummies?

Me: First and foremost, I’d say congratulations! Then I’d say enjoy every single moment of this amazing journey. You have been chosen to nurture this child forever so that’s a huge honour. Be prepared for funny days, sick days, clingy days but all in all the greatest chapter of your life is about to begin!

With Love,

Lauren’s Mummy.


Dealing with a cold.

Hey guys,

Last week was one of the most challenging experiences I’ve had as a mother. Myself and Lauren both had a terrible ongoing cold. Some of you may read this and think ‘Grow up woman it was only a cold!’ Yes, it was just a cold to you but it was an intense week of tissues, tears and lack of sleep.

When a baby/toddler is sick it’s heart-breaking listening to the mini snuffles, chesty cough and the constant runny nose. It’s even more stressful when your baby can’t speak properly. Lauren is at the stage where she says ‘yes’ for literally everything, you could possibly ask her. What made matters worse is that she was super clingy and had no appetite. Clinginess+ no appetite= recipe for disaster! I ended up catching up Lolos’ cold and it wasn’t nice. The body aches, the blocked nose, lack of taste. In a nutshell it was terrible.

As a parent life goes on. When I wasn’t a mother and I had a cold, I’d literally have a night nurse sleep it off and hope for the best. I could roll around in my sweaty cold mess all day, moan and groan and order a much-deserved takeaway. Things have changed so much. I still look after Lauren when Dads’ at work, cook dinner and do the laundry. It’s tiring when you already feel weak but with the joys of motherhood my daughter still entertains me; with her cheeky grin and cute faces.

When dealing with a cold I use essential remedies to help Lauren get back to her bubbly self.

  • For her congested nose I use Calpol Saline Nasal Spray which is great in clearing up a blocked nose. You can spray this at least four times a day. As I used this morning and nights, Laurens’ nose cleared up quickly and she’s learnt to imitate me blowing my nose. (At least one good thing has come out of this cold!)
  • I use VapoRub from Vicks on her chest, and back at night so she can inhale the menthol and sleep easy. This is great for children as it’s not as strong as other heated products. It’s child friendly and great to pop into a baby bag or handbag.
  • For the temperature I also give Lauren Calpol, however she has a love hate relationship with this and refuses to take some at times. Which is not so great when you can feel her burning up. We always find a way of encouraging her to take it.

During Lauren’s cold seasons I give her some vitamin C daily to help boost her immune system. Funnily enough Lauren loves lemon slices in her mixed fruit salads in the morning. I add some Blueberries, Grapes and Tangerines to help her overcome her cold.

To help keep her in tip top shape daily I give her Wellbaby Multi-vitamin liquid which is suitable from 6 months to 4 years. It contains Vitamins A, C and D which are all essential for the growth and development of bones in children. As Lolo grows I want her to have all the vitamins to help her grow well and build up her immune system.

On our days out, I pack all her cold and flu remedies in her Doc Mcstuffins satchel which she’s absolutely obsessed with!

Having a cold can be so frustrating especially when baby is unwell too, finding the energy to look after yourself and the little one can be challenge. Patience works best, and a box of tissues!

With Love,

Laurens’ Mummy


Bonjour Pelvic Floor exercises. C’est La vie Oops Moments!

After I had given birth to Lauren my health visitor and mum stressed how important, it was for me to do my pelvic floor exercises. As a new mum I ignored the advice and was so focused on enjoying motherhood that I forgot to do those crucial exercises. Two years into motherhood and when I laugh or sometimes sneeze I feel a little drip. There’s this stigma around our intimate areas and some things us women face in general which should really stop.

I was so delighted to get an invite to a Lights by Tena event in partnership with Boogie Bounce in London, Haymarket Hotel. We were welcomed by the lovely Myriad PR team, some mini trampolines which the Boogie Bounce team organised, introduced to fellow bloggers and had some refreshments. The hotel was beautiful. From the plush décor, great art and fantastic table settings I was in awe of the room we had.

After a brief meeting we were given a chat about the Tena brand and I learnt some valid information about doing my pelvic floor exercises. We were shown the product and had the chance of testing them. I tested a pad with water, and it completely soaked up the water. This was a clear indicator that Tena works! It absorbs water quickly with no leaks or stains. I trialled these out a few times when doing exercise and they were a great hit!!

The lovely team introduced us to the myPFF app which is the handiest thing ever! It has tutorials on doing your pelvic floor exercises and encourages, you to do them daily with alerts and reminders. I love this app as I forget how important it is to do my pelvic floor exercises, this amazing event highlighted how important it is for all women to do. They have a variety of levels and videos to help support you, as you do your pelvic floor exercises. From beginners to advanced level this app caters to all.

I found out some interesting information about doing my pelvic floor exercises, here are a few key facts. **

  • 9 million people in the UK experience bladder weakness.
  • 62% of women living in the UK experience bladder weakness.
  • Light bladder weakness is more common than Hay fever!! (This shocked me)
  • 69% of new mums experience light bladder weakness.
  • 35% of women still see light bladder weakness as a taboo.

After we had the chance of learning about doing our pelvic floor exercises, we were introduced to the Boogie Bounce team for an intense mini workout. Who knew that the mini trampolines could cause all to sweat like, we’d run a marathon. It was great. Challenging at first to jump up and down, dance to the music and do some squats but it was great! I loved the fact that the instructor was always reassuring us and her assistant, was on hand with the entertainment. I started the work out kitted out in a hoodie not expecting to finish sweating like a pig. The workout was short but packed with different moves to get us into shape. We also stretched out after our mini workouts to prevent any injuries. I had a really great time during the workout, I pushed myself to the limit whilst wearing my Lights by Tena pad just in case of any oops moments. The pad was comfortable, stayed in place and help me felt great whilst working out.

After our sweaty Boogie Bounce workout, we were given a great lunch, it seemed like a reward for all the sweating and breathless moments earlier. Over lunch we all discussed how well the day had gone, and how little we knew about the importance of doing our Pelvic floor exercises. As women we collectively discussed moments, that we initially felt apprehensive sharing but once we had done the exercises and educated ourselves a bit more, we were open to sharing our experiences.

Since attending such an amazing event, I have realised that some advice is good advice; especially when it concerns our intimate areas. I had always put off doing my pelvic floor exercises due to laziness, and generally not knowing how important and easy they are.

Thank you to Myriad PR and the Boogie Bounce ladies for showing us women how important maintaining our pelvic floors are, and abolishing ideas that incontinence can only affect older women.

You can download the app ‘myPFF’ for free on the App store and join me in getting my pelvic floor exercises in!

** These facts and figures were taken from The Lights by Tena presentation. **

With Love,

Laurens’ Mummy


Lauren’s Learning the Alphabet and Numbers.

Hey guys,

Since I’ve started working again, I rarely have some time to just lazy about and binge on my favourite reality TV shows (unless Lauren sleeps early) or snacks on a packet of Oreos’ like a crazy woman scrolling through Instagram. This was me previously and I’m sure a lot of you can relate. Lauren has settled in well at her child minders’ and comes home practically singing new words every day. This brings a tear to my eye sometimes as the little baby I held what seems like yesterday, is walking, talking and throwing tantrums.

Since Laurens’ speech has developed I use a variety of resources at home, to aid her learning. Some may say she’s too young to understand things like the alphabet and numbers but I feel it’s never too early to introduce these things to a toddler.

With learning numbers, I use Tiny Tots flashcards which have numbers 1-20 with pictures on separate cards. In the past few months I’ve noticed that Lauren recognises numbers and letters by repetition so I tend to repeat the numbers on the flash cards, at least three times for her to remember the amount shown on the card. Each flashcard has separate pictures on cards but I only use cards 1-10 now as I don’t feel my little love is ready for the bigger numbers just yet.

I also use a Little Learning Library by Eric Carle, which contains four mini books about words, numbers, colours and animal sounds. I love how small they are so I usually carry them with me on weekends and when we have a few moments to spare out and about. I love that it includes varied pictures and numbers which is great for helping her learn new words and associate them with numbers. This miniature gem contains numbers 1-10 with amazing illustrations. I use numbers daily with her from counting how many shoes she has, to counting the amount of chicken nuggets she may have on her plate. There’s always room for her to learn new things!

Now Lauren is also learning the alphabet. She starts confidently with ‘A, A, A,A, B,B,C,D,E’ and that’s where she stops and then starts it all over again in the sweetest voice I’ve ever heard. We were gifted a Play Smart Bumper Set for Christmas which contains 200 letters and numbers magnets. This has been a hit at home with Lauren always running to the fridge and screaming ‘A, A’ at the top of her lungs. I spend most of my time at home in the kitchen, and my shadow follows me everywhere. It’s such a good idea to have the fridge magnets as it helps me sing the Alphabet with her (well only the few letters she knows.) The bright colours are fantastic in keeping her attention and her creating imaginary words by herself.

I also use ‘Alphabet Look and Learn’ which is a wooden board containing the Alphabet. Once we lift out each letter it reveals a picture of an everyday object. Which again helps with letter and word association. Lauren loves playing with this set although, she shoves a few letters under the sofa in her excitement. It’s a great way in the evenings to see her development.

In the Eric Carle collection, there is also a ‘Words’ book which contains different words with great pictures for Lolo to learn.

Lolo enjoys when I read the book ‘The Alphabet with Bella’ as Bella is a character that Lauren can identify with. It’s not your typical Alphabet book, as it contains different words for each letter and Lauren enjoys it each time it’s read to her.

I love the speed in which Lauren is learning different things to enhance her speech. She is such a curious toddler and is very keen to learn new things. I try my best not to let distractions get in between our bonding/learning time as I don’t see her all day, and every moment with her counts!

With Love

Lauren’s Mummy.


Lolo’s Moana Themed birthday bash!



Happy New Year! It’s 2018 and it’s my first blog post of the year woohoo. As you know Lolo turned the big 2 on New Years’ Day. I’ve always envisioned the type of celebrations I want for my baby, so I always want her to have memories of her birthdays (well at least in pictures.) Lauren has this crazy obsession with Moana, I can’t count how many times we’ve watched it together, and I’ve literally managed to know what scene comes next! When I was her age my mum said I loved The Little Mermaid and knew all the words of the script, and songs, so I’m guessing it’s normal for a toddler to constantly watch the same thing repeatedly.

In Laurens’ case she absolutely loves everything Moana, she sings along to all the words and has me singing “you’re welcome, YOU’RE WELCOME.” It was only right for me to do a Moana themed party. As you can imagine planning a toddler’s party is stressful, from the decorations, food and the invites but the stress was all worth it in the end.

For our Moana party, I got a lot of inspiration from Pinterest and Google. I searched for Moana party games, décor and invitations which really helped my Hawaiian themed party come alive. I was super stressed initially waiting at the door for Amazon to patiently deliver my party supplies, and made endless lists of things to buy and sweets were my top priority. My mum helped buy finger foods, savoury snacks and helped cook her signature dish, Jollof rice.

Lauren’s outfit was purchased from Amazon, it included the Heart of Tafiti a skirt and cropped top combo with a lovely pink floral pin that matched Moana’s outfit in the film.

I sourced some Hawaiian party supplies, which included Leis, faux palm leaves, tropical faux flowers and tropical umbrellas for cocktails, which were for my snack table. I made cocktails with a variety of sweets and added some tropical umbrellas which were a hit with all the children. I bought Moana party supplies from Amazon such as cups, party bags, table cloth and plates. I also bought some cake toppers from a lovely supplier on Amazon too.

The centre of attraction that day apart from my beautiful Lauren, was the cake. Her cake was custom made by a family friend. The details were exactly how I envisioned it and everyone complimented on how great the cake was. I was extremely happy that my Moana themed party had been achieved.

As you know on children’s parties, you can only dictate on the day what type of mood your child will be in for the party. Lauren refused to smile in her pictures, and preferred to pout at her cake. At one point, she had her fingers in her ears to block out the sound. My Lolo can be really shy at times especially at parties when there’s a lot of people around her. A similar thing happened on her 1st birthday, which upset me because I wanted her to be happy as it was her special day, she slowly warmed up and really appeared to have a good time.

All in all, we had a really good time. I didn’t take as much pictures as I wanted because I had to make sure my guests were okay, and carry Lauren when the attention was too much! I cannot believe my little madam is two years old she’s honestly such a character, from the way she follows me around the house, plays with her kitchen sets and plays Moana or Trolls at every opportunity she gets. (Yes, she knows how to operate the remote control!!)

Looking forward to making more heart-warming memories with my little love bug.


With Love,


Lauren’s Mummy.


My Fabulous Lauren!

Hey guys,


I hope you all had a really good Christmas? I honestly can’t believe how fast time has flown this year. In a few days, my Lolo will officially be 2 years old. Yes you read right! She’s a toddler no more baby talk, but she’ll always be a baby in my eyes. I literally cannot believe it. I remember rolling on the hospital floor in pain, my contractions were coming thick and fast. The only relief I felt was laying on the cold floor New Years’ Eve trying to make a bargain with God. My beautiful baby was born early hours of New Year’s Day 2016 and every day since then has been a dream.

Fast forward to about 23 months later (I will stop counting her age in months, she’s a big girl now) and I have a chatty toddler who follows me everywhere! In the space of a year Lolo has developed so much, from clinging to my legs at baby groups, to singing the alphabet nonstop, to playing independently to screaming “Mummy” repeatedly at the top of her lungs each day to get my attention!

Becoming a mother has taught me so much about myself, and it’s helped me to embrace my flaws. I’d like to think I’m organised person but I always leave things last minute, and that’s okay! I’ve become one of those mamas who experiences ‘mum guilt’ from time to time wondering if I’m feeding her right? Have I chosen the right method of childcare? Does she sleep on time? The truth is I could go on and on about what so and so does with their babies or children, but as I have mentioned before the comparison game is dangerous. Motherhood is an individual journey, so what works for me may not work for my next-door neighbour, it’s all about finding what works for me!

I’ve made so many memories with Lolo this year and becoming a mother has truly changed my life. My main goal in 2018 is to be the best mother to my daughter, I’ve done a good job so far and I can only get better!


Here are a few pictures of Lolo my remarkable toddler!

Happy 2nd Birthday to my lovepot!!

Wishing you all a happy New Year!

Lolo’s Mummy



Hey guys, it’s been a while! Lolo has become a sassy mini me who constantly follows me everywhere at every given opportunity. Her favourite word is “NO” now, and we watch Sing and Trolls at least three times a week. Yes, I secretly know all the songs in both films and I absolutely love them!!


As a family, we have watched our princess grow, hit different milestones from sitting on her own, crawling, walking and dancing to any sort of music she hears and it’s been so good. Nothing prepared us with the issue of childcare and leaving her with somebody else apart from family.

The thought of leaving Lolo with anyone else apart from family scared me. I mean you hear crazy stories and read things online about people who do malicious things to children, but I was reassured by everyone that everything will be okay. Naturally I was anxious and didn’t know whether I wanted her to go to a nursery or find a childminder.

After careful deliberation, I decided to look for a childminder as some of the nursery fees, were ridiculously expensive. I was given a variety of recommendations by other mums of good nurseries and childminders but we carefully screened our own. Firstly, I found a list of Ofsted Registered childminders in my local area, and contacted the ones closest to our home and reasonable in price.

On meeting some childminders, I felt like Simon Cowell auditioning them for the role, of my daughters’ childminder. This was very necessary. I went to their homes, discussed routines, potty training, feeding and times to pick and drop Lolo off. As I visited their homes I observed their interaction with her and how she behaved around them. I met at least four different potential childminders until I found the one!


Lolo’s childminder is amazing!! She has this warm, caring and friendly nature which I noticed from the minute I met her. She shows a genuine interest in Lauren’s wellbeing, development and has become a huge part of Laurens’ life. Her last Ofsted inspection was rated highly, she holds a variety of certificates in childcare. Most importantly her passion for children is shown in the way she looks after Lauren.

We initially had a few days where I left Lauren with her for at least an hour to see how she’d cope. I felt this anxious niggling feeling in my stomach, because I was worried about how she’d cope without seeing myself, hubby or a family member. Every time I went back to the childminder Lauren was busy playing, smiling and very chatty and happy. This ultimately sold it for me, I just knew my daughter would always be in safe hands. The childminder sends me pictures daily of what she’s up to with Lauren and her son, she often takes them to baby groups, soft play, reads to them and gives her some yummy food. I’m so happy that I have found Lauren a home away from home during the week, when we work because I feel confident that she’s okay, although I call at least three times a day (or more) to check she’s doing okay.

For Mamas considering the childminding route here are a few tips:

  • Create a list of suitable minders in your area, consider price, times, availability and location.
  • Check that your childminder is registered and their DBS certificate is up to date.
  • When settling in with your little one/s check the environment, the minders interest in your child, and their ability to deal with your requests.
  • Check for other parents’ reviews.
  • Is the minder more interested in the financial side or the actual wellbeing of your child/ren?

We are slowly adjusting to the early mornings, and having our playtime shortened due to work, but seeing Lolo at the end of the day is always heart warming.

I hope this helps some Mama’s out there!


With Love,


Lolo’s Mummy.



An End to our Weaning Journey.

Hey guys,

I never thought I’d be typing this, before Lauren’s second birthday but we have finally stopped Breastfeeding!! After 20 months and a few days I completely weaned Lolo off breastmilk. This was hard on us both emotionally, and me physically challenging however we overcame the obstacles and she no longer craves a comfort feed.

At 6 months I was convinced I would stop breastfeeding by the time Lauren was one years old, but I found myself delaying the process. I guess I enjoyed that unique bond that we shared, she cries we cuddle and she has milk for comfort. As much as I enjoyed breastfeeding I wanted my body back, I wanted her to gain some sort of independence from me. Lauren also started tugging at my top in public, and putting her hands under my tops, which was annoying especially when sitting in Nando’s with an audience.

Stopping wasn’t easy at all. Everybody has different methods on how to actually wean baby off, such as bottle feeding and gradually cutting down feeds. I just couldn’t seem to grasp that way. I started giving in to Lauren’s demands during the day, which made it harder to stop.

Night One.

So I carefully planned our weekend of weaning with my mum and I was in for a painful surprise. On day one Lauren constantly woke up at night, crying and pulling my top but I was so determined not to give in. I think I got at least three hours sleep as she woke up frequently and rocking her to sleep without breastmilk was a struggle. The night was much harder than during the day, at night there were no distractions such as the phone, Pom-Bears or Petits Filous to make her feel better.


Night Two.

The second night was by far the worst experience ever. During the day my breasts had tripled in size with milk, I got some sort of mild fever, headache and my breasts felt super sore. I could literally cry because of the pain. I stopped wearing a bra at this point, and my mum gave me some wrapper ( a piece of cloth) to tie around my breasts. My nipples felt painful and my breasts were extremely lumpy with milk. I took Paracetamol for the pain and headaches every four hours. During the second night I couldn’t sleep on my side because of the pain, so I slept on my back. Lauren of course woke up a lot and wanted to lie on my chest, and tried so hard to lift my top up and start feeding. I wore a thick tight jumper to prevent any mistakes!!! When she woke up at night we gave her water and milk which helped her calm down a lot.

Night Three.

By the third night I had mixed feelings, I felt as if I was being heartless by not breastfeeding her, and it broke my heart to see her cry constantly. My mum always reassured me that she’ll be fine, which was a bonus. The third night was much better. Lauren slept longer, and woke up less often. When she did wake up I gently rocked her to sleep (I’m sure she hates my singing voice) and gave her some milk in her cup.

Since we’ve stopped breastfeeding I have noticed that Lauren’s appetite has changed so much, but in a good way. At breakfast time, she eats a lot more cereal, and enjoys some whole milk which she struggled to drink before. Dinner and Lunchtimes are great she eats everything going, which is amazing compared to before when Lauren was heavily dependent on the breast and didn’t have a massive appetite.

My Essentials that helped me during such a challenging time were:

  • A piece of cloth wrapped around my boobs.
  • Cotton Breast Pads (Reusable) which I purchased from EBay when I first had Lauren. They are super durable, not as flimsy as the ones you stick on. They are washable and great for soaking up large quantities of milk.
  • HPA Lanolin by Lansinoh is for sore nipples and cracked skin. It was a great relief using this a few times during the day for pain relief and the cracked skin.
  • Paracetamol was great for the pain, headaches and fever type symptoms that I had by day 2/3

By the third night although I felt I had been bashed with a brick on my breasts, Lauren had forgotten about the ‘boobie’(that’s the name she calls them) she has adjusted to our new life without them and it feels strange for me. I no longer must wear a maternity bra, or wake up during the night for our usual night feed.


I really enjoyed breastfeeding Lolo because of that unbreakable bond that we had created, initially I was sceptical about breastfeeding but once I started I struggled to stop. I’m so proud of her because despite her attachment to breastfeeding and me of course, two weeks later and she has forgotten about her beloved ‘boobie!’


With Love,


Lauren’s Mummy.