SMA® Pro Toddler Milk Review.

Hey guys,

Lolo is 17 months old and still breastfeeding! Yes, I know I said I will stop a couple of months ago, but the truth is it’s so hard. She refuses to sleep in her cot so she literally smells the boob at night and uses it for comfort. I’m ready to stop night feeds, and wear a normal bra.

Recently I was sent some goodies from SMA® in the hope that Lauren may try a different brand of milk and adapt to it. I used to give her Aptamil® with Pro-Nutra (Follow on Milk 3 for 1-2 year olds) and was advised against formula, by the health visitor and encouraged to give her whole Milk. Lauren initially took whole milk but has started spitting out and prefers to drink water.

This honestly worried me for some time because we all know babies need milk, and I think my breast milk will not help Lolo put on masses amount of weight. She loves eating chicken, vegetables and practically everything off my plate. I just felt that she wasn’t getting enough nutrients from my breast milk so I was open to trying formula again.

The bond you get from breastfeeding is unbreakable, and that’s probably one of the biggest factors slowing me down from, completely weaning Lolo off!

What encouraged me about this brand was their encouragement for prolonged breastfeeding. It clearly states on the packaging that mums should breastfeed for as long as possible. Which is great for parents, who are a bit worried about weaning off. I love that the Nutri-steps in the SMA® milk means that it contains; Vitamin D and Calcium, Iron, Iodine and Omega 3 and 6. SMA® provides a great deal of nutritional benefits, which stimulates toddlers’ growth.

What was in my Review Pack.

1X 400g tin of SMA Pro Toddler Milk Stage 3 ( 1-3 Years)

1x 1L Carton of SMA Pro Toddler Milk Stage 3 (1-3 Years)


Toddler Diet Diary with information about the types of foods to give toddlers.


How did our milk trial go?

The powdered version of the milk, was easy to prepare and in a compatible tin. Not like the usual milk tins which are huge. It was a great size for a weekend away. On our first try Lauren hated the powder. I made it over the course of three days, and every day she tried it she hated it. I think because she was teething at the time, so she prepared cold cooling things for her gums.

We also tried the 1L SMA® Toddler Milk in liquid form. Surprise, surprise Lauren loved it. Which was shocking I mean the powder was the same thing, just a different texture. Lauren as you know has her days when it comes to any milk apart from breast milk, but I was shocked at how much she loved the taste. This milk could only be used within 48 hours, as milk tends to go sour. Another great advantage of the product, however it means you spend more money, but it’s worth it.


I love that SMA® offers mini cartons of their lovely milk, with a straw included which is great for babies on the go, instead of carrying about a big carton. SMA® also provided extensive information about their ingredients which was reassuring to me. As a first time mum I try to research as much as I can about different products, and how they benefit my daughter but sometimes the internet has so many different methods or products, so I usually go by word of mouth and friends’ reviews.

Final Verdict.

Lauren still struggles to drink at least a cup of milk a day, but I’m constantly trying every day. SMA® was a great brand to give to Lolo I love all the nutritional benefits which the milk has. The SMA® slogan is “Helping to build a nutritional foundation for life.” I believe SMA® does this with its unique taste and the benefits of the milk. It’s innovate packaging and fairly priced products have encouraged me to discuss this product with other mummies, and hopefully finally wean my daughter off breastmilk completely!


*FYI All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own! *

*What milk brands do other mummies use? Are you open to trying formula or continue breastfeeding? Share and comment below. *


With Love,


Lolo’s Mummy


My Creative Lolo 💕

Hey dolls,

Lolo is 17 months old, walking everywhere, trying to break things and learning how to say a few words. This year is going super quick which means, my baby is no longer considered “newborn” but a “toddler!” Where did all that time go?! 😭

I usually take Lolo to baby groups twice a week, which allows her to interact with other children. 

During the warmer months the group tends to be busier, more babies to play with. I noticed that Lauren would rather sit at the painting table, scribble all over paper and make a mess in paint. 

Initially I was worried thinking I hope my baby isn’t shy, does she not like meeting new people? My baby is a bit like me to be honest, I don’t actively start conversations with people I don’t know but I’m getting better!

I know it’s a few dots of paint, but I treasure everything my daughter does. I’ve placed this on my fridge so I’m reminded of my creative Lolo’s work everyday.

Lolo has also made a handprint which I helped paint and add a splash of glitter to.

Look at her tiny hand 😭

Sometimes I’m unable to get to the baby groups, so I purchased some baby friendly paint on Amazon to use at home. All you need really is 

  • Old Newspapers.
  • An Apron.
  • Old clothes that you don’t mind getting splashed with paint
  • Paintbrushes.
  • A bag full of energy!

Painting is very messy business!

I’ve also noticed that Lolo loves going to the book corner, and flicking through some books. Obviously she’s too young to understand them but I think it’s really good how she enjoys a good book. ( Just like her mama.)

I recently purchased a few new titles from my local The Works bookshop and toyshop. They always have amazing deals on books, the latest one being 3 books for £5. You can also visit your local library, and get a few there to keep baby entertained for a while.

These books are great because they have colourful big images, and bigger pages so Lauren tends to turn them for me eagerly.

Esme The Emerald Fairy has a touchy feely book element to it. The front page is glittery and Lauren enjoys touching the sparkles.

Inside the short story the gems are brightly coloured, this encourages Lauren to touch the pages and hear the rest of the story. This is a really good book which keeps Lauren very interested.

The Lullabies book has a selection of different songs to help baby sleep. I use this book when I’m encouraging Lo to wind down for nap time or bed time!

Her favourite is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star but it also has a collection of other lullabies I have never heard of before.

This book can be used for older children as well, which talks about sharing toys with friends. This book has more text than the others mentioned before.

My Mum is Fantastic” is another great title for older children, with good images and a lot more text. Again I loved the title for obvious reasons, which I will read to Lauren more when she’s older!

I have also done a previous post about reading with Lauren, which you can check out Here!

With Love,

Lauren’s Mummy.


My Little Walker.


Hey guys, I’m officially off my mini blog break, Lolo is 16 months old now (Yes I’m one of those mothers who shares her baby’s’ age in months only to mum friends though… hehe)

Lauren has grown so much, she now points to things, sings her favourite nursery rhyme ‘Wind the Bobbin up’ and is completely obsessed with bubbles!

So recently I’ve been anxious about Lauren walking, I’m always asking my mum questions and fellow mummies about when their little ones started walking. Most of the answers I get are ‘She’ll do it in her own time’ and ‘Leave her alone, and she’ll do it on her own.’ Of course, as a first time mummy you question yourself and wonder when are certain milestones going to be hit, or am I doing something wrong but the reassurance from those around me always help. Lauren doesn’t really like her baby walker, and insists on playing with the music at, the front that learning how to walk with it.

Although most mummies are positive, some other people are not so nice when it comes to the issue of walking. Sometimes I hear “My baby was walking at 7 months.” Or “Wow she’s STILL not walking yet.” Another comment is “Stop carrying her or she’ll never walk.” It’s hard when you’re anxious about something and negative comments don’t make the situation any better. Since becoming a mum people tend to compare, babies with forgetting that all babies are different. They hit milestones differently and in their own time. Does that make you a bad parent? No. Because babies do things when they are good and ready!

Last weekend Lauren took a few steps unaided, and started walking around randomly. I was so shocked!! My little princess that could barely fit in her car seat from the hospital, has gained independence and has started walking.

Before she started walking I was advised to stop putting her in her pram shoes, even though they’re super cute I purchased walking shoes in the hope that this will encourage her to walk. Lauren took her first steps in socks though so footwear really didn’t matter.

I got her a lovely pair of walking shoes from Mothercares’ ‘The Toddler Years.’ I love that in the shoes you can remove the insoles and measure your babies feet to see if they fit correctly. I got them in a size 4 which are still a bit big for Lauren which gives her time to grow into them.

I have a thing for navy footwear, Lauren already has a few pink shoes and I find that as growing babies they tend to mess up brighter coloured shoes.

I bought Lolo her first pair of Converses!! Both myself and hubby love Converses which is so weird so I got Lauren a cute pair in navy, in a size 4 too. They are not as big as the Mothercare pair so I let her wear them at home for the meantime.

Since Lauren has started walking she’s literally trying to walk everywhere, and loves being outside come rain or shine. I guess this is where the harder work begins.


Sorry about the lack of pictures, trying to get Lauren to stand long enough for a picture is hard work!

With Love

Lauren’s Mummy.


The Co- Sleeping Struggle.

Hey guys,

Since having Lauren sleep has become a thing of the past. Literally. My day typically starts from about 8 in the morning and I’m on the go constantly from then. From preparing meals to trying to do some work I rarely get time for myself or to sleep. When Lauren was younger I wrote about my sleepless nights here. The rant this time is different. We now share a bed. At about 6 months my tiny baby grew longer and bigger so her Moses’ basket has become a laundry basket. Sleeping with Lauren you don’t know what to expect, a fart in the face or a kick in the neck the bed is basically hers now.

Sometimes I wake up in the night scared that she’s fallen out of the bed, or I’ve fallen into a deep sleep and crushed her. God forbid. The bottom line is I want my sleep and my bed back sigh. Her cot just takes up space in her bedroom and is slowly growing dust because we rarely use it.

Recently I met with the Health Visitor who gave me useful tips on how to get into a sleeping routine, and get Lauren in her cot, and possibly get the bed back. The fact that I’m still Breast feeding at 15 months doesn’t make the process any easier, because Lolo is stuck to me like glue at night. Before these tips we used to go to the bed at the same time together, I had no time to do bits and bobs because I was so tired too.

She encouraged me to give baby a bath every night, letting her play in the bath splash make a mess and essentially make her tired. Then massage her with some baby oil to get her into a relaxing mood.

Once she has finished having a bath get her dressed in a dark or lowly lit room no television or loud noise which is hard because I enjoy watching a few shows whilst changing Lolo. Oh, yes and play some soothing music i.e. nursery rhymes or classical music.

Place baby into her cot and she should genuinely fall asleep, or whinge for comfort. At this point I usually rock her to sleep. Every day is not the same, although I try and maintain a sleeping routine I find when I visit my mums’ or go out later than usual my sleeping routine is pretty much non-existent. On these days, I prevent Lauren from sleeping more than once a day as I know she’ll be super tired when she eventually falls asleep.

Since the helpful words of encouragement from the Health Visitor I have been trying daily to get Lauren down on time, have a moment to myself for some Green Tea and Scandal. Some days prove difficult than others, but persistence in this case is key. Hopefully I’ll get my bed back soon.

Before having Lauren, I never realised that sleep would be one of the biggest challenges for me. Every baby is different and some parents get to enjoy sleeping through the night from day one. For me a sleeping routine is something which I’m desperately working on, to have a few precious moments to myself.


Do any other parents have any helpful sleeping tips? Please share below.


With Love


Lauren’s Mummy.


Liebster Award

3and3quarters_net_.pngLast week I got my usual Twitter notifications in the morning, but was extremely surprised to notice that I had been nominated for an AWARD by the lovely Bridget Check out her beautiful, thought provoking posts here. Me? A blogger award? I thought is this a joke? After all my whooping and clapping I decided to write my post. Thank you so much Bridget! Lolo has been extremely fussy with her new set of teeth coming through, and it’s been difficult to do anything.

The Liebster Award is a way for bloggers around the world, to discover new bloggers read a variety of content and just connect. This is a great idea for people to network, make new friends and a new blog to your reading lists! Please click on this link to read the rules of the awards.

Here are the questions Bridget asked me.

What’s your favourite film?

The Devil Wears Prada! I literally wanted to be Anne Hathaway in that movie. It had perfect one liners, and the best villain Meryl Streep.

If you could live in a book or TV show what would it be and why?

I would live in The Kardashians’. No, I’m not a super fan but I would love to dress up, get filmed 24/7 and get papped just to experience a day in their lives.

If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go?

I would travel to Nigeria, to see my family! I miss them so much.

Who inspires you and why?

My mummy! My mummy is the best at looking after myself and my siblings, she always listens to my long stories, works hard and never ever gets tired.

Cat or Dog?

Cats are satanic. Sorry. If it’s a dog a Pug or Chihuahua.

What did you want to be when you were younger?

A Dentist or a Vet.

Apple or Android?

APPLE! Hate the way the font is on Androids and the camera quality. Shambles.

How would you spend £1 million?

Ahhh first I’d update my wardrobe with the best clothes. After that reality, will kick in so I will just invest. Invest Invest! Oh, and give some money to my family of course.

What has been your greatest achievement so far?

Becoming a mother, as cliché as it sounds this by far is the best thing to happen to me.

Musical or Play?

This is tricky, I think Musical I’d love to watch Dream Girls.

What is your favourite nursery rhyme?

‘Wind the Bobbin up’ because it’s the first song Lauren clapped her hands to.


11 Random Facts about me!

  1. I’m the biggest Rihanna fan you could possibly meet. I fainted at one of her concerts due to shock.
  2. I’m super clumsy I fall literally anywhere.
  3. I love perfume and my favourite is Lancôme La Vie Est Belle.
  4. I get distracted easily.
  5. I don’t like fake people, bags, shoes, makeup. Anything fake is a no from me.
  6. I used to be laughed at by my friends, for the cellulite on my bum. They called me ‘jiggly puff.’
  7. I can’t stand some Disney movies like High School, Musical or Frozen.
  8. I love Bruno Mars.
  9. I’m named ‘Katrina’ after my Great Grandmother.
  10. I was obsessed with B2K and Loved Jboog.
  11. I absolutely love Mini Cheddars.


My nominees are:




My questions for my nominees are:

  1. Where’s your favourite place in the world?
  2. Are you a foodie or a dieter?
  3. Who is your favourite celebrity?
  4. Who inspires you since becoming a mother. And why?
  5. Tube or bus?
  6. What’s your worst experience whilst travelling?
  7. Last minute getaway or planned holiday?
  8. What is your favourite clothes shop?
  9. Uber or driving?
  10. Who was your favourite Spice Girl?
  11. What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve done?


With Love,


Lauren’s Mummy.



Mother’s Day!

Hey guys,


It’s been a while, Lauren has become a lot of work. I barely get five minutes to myself when she’s awake. I dart around the house like a housefly on a mission! Baby groups, cooking, cleaning, literally doing everything and anything but sleeping myself. Sigh. This is all what motherhood includes and I wouldn’t change it for the world!

Recently I had the opportunity of shooting some motherhood videos, with The Sun. Last week myself and my fellow yummy mummy @smilesndrool shot a lovely Mother’s Day video, honouring our inspiring mothers and celebrities too. You can watch this video Here! We also shot a video discussing things, we never knew until we became mummies! You can also watch this on their Facebook Page!

Last Sunday was my second Mother’s Day and it still feels weird. I know I’m a mum, but I still haven’t grasped the title if that makes sense. Mother’s Day before Lauren was a day to celebrate my Mum, Grandma, aunties who are like mummies to me, and some of my friends. My first Mother’s Day was two months after I had Lauren and I was still getting to grips on being a mummy. Second time around I was pleased with all my gifts, cards, flowers and a day of rest. Can it be Mother’s Day every Sunday? A day where hubby can cook, clean and tidy up? I can only dream.

I woke up to a lovely bunch of flowers, cards from my Lolo written by her dad of course. My siblings got me a cute picture frame which has this amazing quote, “A mother’s love is the heart of the family.” Without mothers a lot of men and families would struggle, we are like superglue. We fix everything, whilst keeping everyone and ourselves together.

My day was spent being pampered, filling myself up with chocolate and trying to have some “me time!” It’s always good to have a few moments to myself, to just RELAX!
I can’t wait to celebrate Mother’s Day with Lauren when she’s a bit older, and can understand what’s going on! I hope you all enjoyed your Mother’s Day!


With Love,

Lauren’s Mummy.




Six Teeth & Counting 😬


Hey dolls,

Lolo has six teeth! Yay!! Four on the bottom and two on the top. I can see a few more coming through on the bottom which is exciting to see. Not so exciting for Lolo who struggles with a runny nose, loss of appetite and sleepless nights due to our friend “Teething”. It’s hard watching Lolo in pain but I’m happy she’s growing healthy teeth.

Six teeth mean time to brush them. Although I have been brushing Lolo’s teeth she turned one years old and had only four teeth. A lot of people seem shocked when I say I’m trying to brush Lauren’s teeth, which I think is slightly weird I mean teeth need brushing. I don’t want her to have bad teeth because of other peoples’ opinions. People will always talk regardless. If I brush her teeth or if I don’t, there will always be something to say.

I never realised how hard it could be trying to brush a toddler’s teeth. Lauren is super fussy when it comes to teeth time, so I’ve brought two brushes. One brush for her to hold whilst I try my best to brush her teeth. It is a struggle but I’m slowly getting the hang of it. We also play her favourite song Bruno Mars’ 24K Magic which encourages her to enjoy brushing her teeth. If Lolo is in a bad mood I usually pop some Ashton and Parsons on her gums to ease the pain, and leave brushing her teeth until after she’s had some breakfast. Read my Teething Woes. post here!

Recently I met with a dental specialist at my local baby group and she gave me some helpful tips on how to get Lauren to enjoy brushing her teeth. Here are a few things she suggested.

  • Register baby at a dentist, so that she can get used to having her teeth checked.
  • Praise baby for brushing her teeth and let other family members know that Lauren is brushing her teeth. This helps as she will become aware that she’s doing the right thing.
  • Brush your teeth together and get into a routine. Brushing teeth together, is a bonding thing between mother and baby. Routines are great for babies which allows them to get familiar with brushing their teeth.
  • Make brushing babies teeth fun. (I already do this by playing music and overly pulling silly faces!)
  • Make sure the toothpaste contains a minimal amount of Fluoride and place a pea sized amount on the brushes.
  • Finally purchase a colourful brush which will attract the baby to the brush. (children’s brushes are all quite colourful so that was easy.)

Since having Lolo I learn different things daily. Creating a routine for Lo is the next milestone that I’m trying to achieve, remembering to enjoy every minute of our journey.

Any tips or purchases on dental care?

Feel free to comment below, or follow me on Twitter @mummydiaries16

With Love

Lauren’s Mummy.




Happy Women’s Day!

Happy International Women’s Day ladies! There’s nothing like a special day to mark how strong, amazing and caring we all are. As women, today we are still scrutinised sometimes for our clothing, weight, parenting skills and the list unfortunately goes on. Being a woman is one of the best gifts God could give to us all. Seriously.

Coming from a big family I am surrounded by amazing women. From an early age my mum has always taught me things that I’ll never forget. Some good, some bad but without having my mother in my life things would’ve been different. I have strong- willed aunties, confident sisters and cousins. I also have a very sassy Grandma whom have all ultimately shaped me into the woman I am today. Thank you all.

As mothers, we have a lot of pressure put on us, to be this model mummy. There is no such thing. Every baby is different, as is every mother. We all face the same challenges as parents, but we experience them differently. Be it Breast feeding, Weaning, teething or trying to lose our ‘mum tums’ (I’m still trying. Effortlessly.) The comparison game is a dangerous game to play, honestly. I scroll through my Instagram feed sometimes and compare, my journey to other mummies. It’s inevitable, I’m human sometime I may second guess myself, but I have slowly realised that my journey was tailored for me! I may not get Lolo’s hairstyle picture perfect, or remember to wash off the dry yoghurt on my face but I’m trying my best.

Becoming a mum is one of the best challenges for me because no two days are the same. Lolo is always learning to do something new, and it’s amazing to watch her develop her social skills in baby groups, and her bubbly personality in such a petite frame. Raising a Queen will not always be easy but it’s a challenge worth every tear, sleepless night and stinky nappy.

Recently on Instagram I came across this lovely company called Yesmum. Yesmum® have a lovely store which you can purchase, affirmation cards ranging from Motherhood, Wellbeing and strength. These are one of the best purchases I have made this year! Nothing like a positive reminder to get the day started. I love positive messages of empowerment, as they remind me I am superwoman just in my own little version.

Here are a few of my favourite cards from the Motherhood Collection!

Enjoy this special day Ladies.


With Love

Lauren’s Mummy.


My Breastfeeding Journey!



Hey guys,

Happy New month! March marks the start of spring, bring on the longer days and shorter nights. I can’t wait for summer it has been cold for way too long. Lolo is 14 months today; time is truly flying by. I remember bringing her home for the first time, and just staring at her in amazement. Now she’s grown into a little madam, she gives the dirtiest looks I’ve ever seen and is good at messing up the sitting room with all her toys.


This week I got the opportunity to feature on another lovely mummy’s blog. Kelly-Anne was amazing to work with, and really showed a keen interest in my story. You can also visit Kelly’s Blog! My featured post is part of the “Motherhood Monday’s network.” My post discussed issues surrounding being ‘ an anxious first time Mummy!’ click here to read my post and enjoy!


Before I had Lauren I didn’t really pay much attention to breast feeding. I was unsure whether I would breastfeed or give her formula, however my mum advised me to breast feed as breast is best. As cliché as it sounds breast really is best and I have enjoyed breastfeeding Lolo but I’m ready to stop completely.

Once I gave birth I was overwhelmed with shock, I didn’t think I actually gave birth to Lolo and actually experienced Labour. Once Lauren was handed to me I tried to latch her on but failed miserably. This made me feel a bit anxious however persistence is always key. In the hospital Lauren was given formula and that is the first and last time, I have seen her drink formula milk, from a bottle. Sigh.

Fast forward to our first night together and I was yet to produce any breast milk. Lauren cried and cried I honestly thought I would’ve got kicked off the ward just because of all her noise. Getting home, I experienced the same thing, a night of tears, frustration and stress. My milk finally came in two days later and hasn’t stopped since. Once the milk came the issue of ‘latching on’ followed. Lauren found it really hard to breast feed and stay on for longer than five minutes. Now she tugs at my clothes and when she’s very hungry pulls my breast. This can be super annoying, but the older she gets the more tricks she has to get fed.

Lauren LOVES breast milk. In her earlier months I couldn’t leave her at home for a couple of hours, because she would cry of hunger. Now we have developed a routine I only give her night feeds, during the day she eats her normal meals and drinks some whole milk from time to time. Every day is not the same, sometimes Lauren wants breast milk during the day. As hard as it is I have to be extremely strict and not feed her during the day. I usually give her water or some snacks to distract her.

In her cereal I also put Aptamil Growing Up Milk which she quite likes, but hates drinking from her cup. Lolo loves the comfort of breast feeding, as she practically wants to go back into my stomach.

I’ve finally got to the stage where I need my breasts back. As weird as it sounds I just want her to sleep through the night, drink whole milk and let me rest. I have enjoyed breast feeding as I have this unbreakable bond with my daughter and it’s free, easy and always there to give.

A lot of people question me about breast feeding my daughter after 6 months, and it sometimes irritates me. It took a while for me to get the hang of breastfeeding, now I’ve mastered it Lauren doesn’t want to let go. I was breast fed for 18 months and hated formula milk according to my mummy. So Lauren is just like me! I turned out just fine and my Lolo will be just as good as me, even better. Hehe.

Do any other mummies have tips on how to completely wean her off breast milk?

Please comment and share below.


Lauren’s Mummy.




Vlogging with ‘The Sun.’

Hey dolls,

Hope you’re all well? I have had the worst cold all week. I have tried everything, from Lemon and Ginger tea’s daily, working out in the gym, to hot soaks in the bath (tmi) yet I still have this unshakeable cold. When I got sick before having Lolo I could call in sick at work, lounge around, scoff my face with crisps and chocolate bars, how the mighty have fallen. Now with my colds I still have to cook, clean, work and look after my little princess, which is not easy. Please cold just leave me alone.

Last week I experienced THE BEST opportunity with a good friend of mine. Zeruiah is another young mummy to a beautiful princess, and we were filming videos for ‘The Sun’s’ social media pages. Can you imagine, ‘THE SUN!!’ The videos were discussing the highs, and lows of motherhood. Honestly I was taken aback when, I initially received an email regarding the opportunity, what really shook me was receiving the “Call Sheet!!!” eek. I had never seen one or heard of one before, I was literally googling what it meant. Our call sheet included details of the venue, and the time we were required for filming.

On the day we arrived at the News Office in London Bridge and I couldn’t believe it was actually happening. At the plush office reception, we met the producers for the day. The producers were extremely friendly and really encouraging. So we got a mini tour of the offices and saw different studios, and I spotted Ian Wright. My brother is a huge Arsenal fan and I was a bit star struck, all for a minute then kind of got a hold of myself.

The studio was really cute and we started discussing topics that we may discuss during filming. We were both given mics and I got excited thinking I was on an episode of, Big Brother with my mic on my waist. As you can already tell I haven’t really been in a studio, apart from when I went onto Big Brother’s Little Brother as part of the audience years ago. I’ve never really had a camera focused on me, apart from when I’m taking selfies or on Facetime, but I’ve never been filmed talking and laughing. I find it super weird hearing my own voice on, a voice note let alone seeing myself in a video on the internet.

At ‘The Sun’ we filmed for about two hours, we spoke about different mummy hacks. Our main topics were Breast feeding, weaning, travelling out and about in London and the things we have learnt since becoming mothers. It was set in a sitting room with a colourful sofa, and cushions which added to the relaxed environment.  The theme for the day was two young mummies, having a conversation about their experiences thus far. The rules were no swearing and to be as natural as possible!

The producers were not actually in the room whilst we filmed, but they could hear everything we were saying Sharing our stories and this experience with another first time Mummy was amazing. As mothers we are expected to always get things right, even though we are human beings and we all make mistakes. This opportunity was definitely unforgettable and I can’t wait to see the edited videos.

Thank You to ‘The Sun’ for inviting us down, and allowing us to be part of such an amazing idea.

Once the producers have sent me the links to the videos I will definitely post them on my blog, Twitter and Instagram.

Check out my friends amazing blog at:

She also uploads adorable pictures of her daughter on Instagram: @smilesndrool

My Instagram is: @mummydiaries2016

Catch up with us on our Instagram platforms!


With Love,


Lauren’s Mummy.