Welcome Home.

welcome home babySo after many attempts at starting a blog. I have FINALLY taken the courage to create an all things,” Mummy related blog.” Being a young fulltime mum is one of the best things ever.. rewarding, fulfilling and challenging all in the same breath. Being part of a big family has always been amazing despite being the eldest child having, siblings to turn to is always one of the best feelings ever. My life changed once finding out I was pregnant and the fear of inadequacy as a mother crept up once in a while. Since starting this journey I am amazed at my strength. The constant support from family and friends, and just random people smiling at myself and my daughter whilst out and about.

I wanted my first post to be about the delivery aftermath. The dreaded return home.

Less than 24 hours ago you have welcomed a beautiful baby boy or girl. You are overwhelmed with emotions. A little human is in the room alongside with your birthing partner and midwife, and you’re literally walking on cloud 9999. Literally. Once your beautiful bubba is sound asleep, your phone wont stop buzzing from the amount of texts, calls and well wishes from absolutely everyone.

Everybody will say once baby is asleep try and sleep too. This is impossible. Well especially in the first few hours. I found myself peering into my love-pots basket a lot checking, if she was okay not too hot or cold, and thanking God for his mercy and favour that sleep was FAR from my mind.

Eventually you will leave the hospital with the irritating smell of hospitals, fruits, all your luggage and of course your bundle of joy. Once arriving home if you’re lucky your family including in-laws will smother you and baby with all the attention in the world.

My first night was an experience I will never forget. My baby cried and cried and cried some more. Before having baby I never realised that my sleeping pattern would never be the same again. But as Tesco says “Every Little Helps!” If your family and friends are offering you support please please PLEASE take it! You are not a supermum yet you have literally gone through such an iconic moment in your life, which takes some people a few minutes, weeks or even months to digest. But family is everything. If you don’t have family available take advantage of your partner/husband it will really help for those days where you will feel low. Those extra set of hands help you overcome the lack of sleep within the first few weeks.


7 months later and my sleeping pattern is finally getting some sort of routine, not the same as before having my daughter but we are getting somewhere.


New Mums don’t be so hard on yourself, you will need time to adjust to everything that has happened but the people around you also need to adjust.

Embrace the change and enjoy your new bundle of joy!


Mummy Trina




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