Can we shop in peace? Please Lolo?!

Hey guys,

Recently on Twitter I saw another mummy tweeting about how annoying it is when people stare at her baby, anytime she makes a sound. I related with this tweet so much!

I remember before I had my own family, my mum will drag myself and my siblings shopping every Saturday. I literally hated carrying bags of meat and tinned tomatoes to her car. Most times I wanted to sit in my room and snack, but shopping on a Saturday was a must.

Lolo is such a character whenever we go out for walks to the park, doing a big shop in my local Tesco’s or rushing to the corner shop for some milk. Everybody around me will know that Lolo is there, if she’s not sleeping. Once I tell her to get her coat and she sees her pushchair it’s like her noise switch in her head gets suddenly activated!

During the week we went to the bank and she was fine for the first minute, but as soon as the bank got busier she started laughing, and talking to herself pretty loudly. Anytime she shouts you get the odd person staring at you like, ‘control your child!’ I understand you don’t want to hear a baby laughing and cooing at the things she sees because you’re miserable but I can’t stop my child from making a sound especially at her age. Once she starts talking to herself there’s literally no going back! I rush into my handbag for some Organix Goodies Stars, which entertain her for about two minutes, then the IPhone comes out, blaring out the ‘Go Jetters’ theme tune and everything is right in the world again.

When I’m doing a big shop in Tesco’s or Lidl Lolo has started sitting in the trolley, which is great because I’ve started pointing out different foods and fruits to her which sometimes is a bad idea. Once she sees a packet of Blueberries she starts wailing to have them.

In Tesco’s’ the baby section feels like home to her! I quickly rush down this aisle picking up the essentials behind her back because once she sees anything she likes the game will be officially over! On one occasion Lolo spotted the Goodies section and decided to start whinging for it, luckily, I had packed some chicken in our bag to calm her down. (She absolutely loves Chicken!!)

Once we get to the checkout she makes a few friends, with other shoppers and the staff at the till. I’m happy Lolo is such a friendly, bubbly baby it livens up our weekly shop.

When Lauren first became more vocal in public it sometimes made me anxious thinking ‘everybody is staring’ ‘OMG Lauren please me quiet’ but looking back at those thoughts I sit back and chuckle. I’m happy that my baby interacts with me and her surroundings, it shows how fast she’s developing! To the people that stare, and mutter rubbish under their breaths. I literally just roll my eyes, and encourage my toddler to talk more. Besides we were all chatty toddlers once!

( This was one of our earlier shopping trips, where Lolo hardly made a noise hehe)


With Love,

Lolo’s Mummy.






  1. Jingi Odiachi · August 14

    Shout it from the roof tops girl! You are allowed to be as vocal as you want. Exercise those lungs in preparation for becoming the great person you will. Here’s to your brilliant future. X

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lauren's Mummy · August 15

      Hahaha Thanks Aunty Jing hopefully she’ll be a better singer than me xx


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