18 Months!

Hey guys,


My little princess is 18 months old (In parenting language, and clothing labels) which means she’s a year and a half, to everyone else apart from parents. I cannot believe how fast time has flown. I know I say this in every other post but it’s amazing watching a little human grow up, and it seems surreal watching Lolo hit all her milestones.

Before my baby started walking, I was quite anxious wondering when she will start. Now she’s walking I wish I wasn’t as anxious as I was beforehand. Lolo walks super-fast, chases boys and hides in weird places at home. I love the fact that she explores her surroundings, and can quickly adapt to new places and faces.

As Lolo, has grown she has become a chatterbox, first thing in the morning after a kick, I get a mini monologue about how slept. (Well that’s what I think it is) and pretends to have a conversation with her favourite toy Moana. Lolo has become attached to my phone, I feel like she watches my every move so she knows how to swipe snap and lock my phone. She is also obsessed with Siri and going on Youtube to listen to all the hits from “Sing!” I’ve learnt every single word to each song because she constantly plays them, in the same order daily.

At 18 months Teething has become an issue again, and her non-existent sleeping pattern. As well as using her Nibbling products, I use Calpol Infant Suspension, on days when she is in really bad pain. I’ve found the older Lolo has got the more frustrated she gets with the pain. She tends to sleep later and is up by the crack of dawn, ready to play and watch Ceebeebies.

Most recently Lolo has learnt how to call me mummy, but because she doesn’t know how to say it properly she calls me “Mimi!” The first time I heard her call me “Mimi” I was grinning like I’d just won the lottery. Hearing her little voice, and watching her face light up when she calls my name, makes me feel like the luckiest person in the world!

As a first time mummy I’m constantly learning things daily about myself and my daughter, and it has been an amazing journey thus far. 18 months has gone so fast and it makes me want to savour every minute with my daughter, I don’t want to blink and she’s off to her first day in school.


With Love

Lolo’s Mummy





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