SMA® Pro Toddler Milk Review.

Hey guys,

Lolo is 17 months old and still breastfeeding! Yes, I know I said I will stop a couple of months ago, but the truth is it’s so hard. She refuses to sleep in her cot so she literally smells the boob at night and uses it for comfort. I’m ready to stop night feeds, and wear a normal bra.

Recently I was sent some goodies from SMA® in the hope that Lauren may try a different brand of milk and adapt to it. I used to give her Aptamil® with Pro-Nutra (Follow on Milk 3 for 1-2 year olds) and was advised against formula, by the health visitor and encouraged to give her whole Milk. Lauren initially took whole milk but has started spitting out and prefers to drink water.

This honestly worried me for some time because we all know babies need milk, and I think my breast milk will not help Lolo put on masses amount of weight. She loves eating chicken, vegetables and practically everything off my plate. I just felt that she wasn’t getting enough nutrients from my breast milk so I was open to trying formula again.

The bond you get from breastfeeding is unbreakable, and that’s probably one of the biggest factors slowing me down from, completely weaning Lolo off!

What encouraged me about this brand was their encouragement for prolonged breastfeeding. It clearly states on the packaging that mums should breastfeed for as long as possible. Which is great for parents, who are a bit worried about weaning off. I love that the Nutri-steps in the SMA® milk means that it contains; Vitamin D and Calcium, Iron, Iodine and Omega 3 and 6. SMA® provides a great deal of nutritional benefits, which stimulates toddlers’ growth.

What was in my Review Pack.

1X 400g tin of SMA Pro Toddler Milk Stage 3 ( 1-3 Years)

1x 1L Carton of SMA Pro Toddler Milk Stage 3 (1-3 Years)


Toddler Diet Diary with information about the types of foods to give toddlers.


How did our milk trial go?

The powdered version of the milk, was easy to prepare and in a compatible tin. Not like the usual milk tins which are huge. It was a great size for a weekend away. On our first try Lauren hated the powder. I made it over the course of three days, and every day she tried it she hated it. I think because she was teething at the time, so she prepared cold cooling things for her gums.

We also tried the 1L SMA® Toddler Milk in liquid form. Surprise, surprise Lauren loved it. Which was shocking I mean the powder was the same thing, just a different texture. Lauren as you know has her days when it comes to any milk apart from breast milk, but I was shocked at how much she loved the taste. This milk could only be used within 48 hours, as milk tends to go sour. Another great advantage of the product, however it means you spend more money, but it’s worth it.


I love that SMA® offers mini cartons of their lovely milk, with a straw included which is great for babies on the go, instead of carrying about a big carton. SMA® also provided extensive information about their ingredients which was reassuring to me. As a first time mum I try to research as much as I can about different products, and how they benefit my daughter but sometimes the internet has so many different methods or products, so I usually go by word of mouth and friends’ reviews.

Final Verdict.

Lauren still struggles to drink at least a cup of milk a day, but I’m constantly trying every day. SMA® was a great brand to give to Lolo I love all the nutritional benefits which the milk has. The SMA® slogan is “Helping to build a nutritional foundation for life.” I believe SMA® does this with its unique taste and the benefits of the milk. It’s innovate packaging and fairly priced products have encouraged me to discuss this product with other mummies, and hopefully finally wean my daughter off breastmilk completely!


*FYI All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own! *

*What milk brands do other mummies use? Are you open to trying formula or continue breastfeeding? Share and comment below. *


With Love,


Lolo’s Mummy



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