My Creative Lolo ðŸ’•

Hey dolls,

Lolo is 17 months old, walking everywhere, trying to break things and learning how to say a few words. This year is going super quick which means, my baby is no longer considered “newborn” but a “toddler!” Where did all that time go?! 😭

I usually take Lolo to baby groups twice a week, which allows her to interact with other children. 

During the warmer months the group tends to be busier, more babies to play with. I noticed that Lauren would rather sit at the painting table, scribble all over paper and make a mess in paint. 

Initially I was worried thinking I hope my baby isn’t shy, does she not like meeting new people? My baby is a bit like me to be honest, I don’t actively start conversations with people I don’t know but I’m getting better!

I know it’s a few dots of paint, but I treasure everything my daughter does. I’ve placed this on my fridge so I’m reminded of my creative Lolo’s work everyday.

Lolo has also made a handprint which I helped paint and add a splash of glitter to.

Look at her tiny hand 😭

Sometimes I’m unable to get to the baby groups, so I purchased some baby friendly paint on Amazon to use at home. All you need really is 

  • Old Newspapers.
  • An Apron.
  • Old clothes that you don’t mind getting splashed with paint
  • Paintbrushes.
  • A bag full of energy!

Painting is very messy business!

I’ve also noticed that Lolo loves going to the book corner, and flicking through some books. Obviously she’s too young to understand them but I think it’s really good how she enjoys a good book. ( Just like her mama.)

I recently purchased a few new titles from my local The Works bookshop and toyshop. They always have amazing deals on books, the latest one being 3 books for £5. You can also visit your local library, and get a few there to keep baby entertained for a while.

These books are great because they have colourful big images, and bigger pages so Lauren tends to turn them for me eagerly.

Esme The Emerald Fairy has a touchy feely book element to it. The front page is glittery and Lauren enjoys touching the sparkles.

Inside the short story the gems are brightly coloured, this encourages Lauren to touch the pages and hear the rest of the story. This is a really good book which keeps Lauren very interested.

The Lullabies book has a selection of different songs to help baby sleep. I use this book when I’m encouraging Lo to wind down for nap time or bed time!

Her favourite is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star but it also has a collection of other lullabies I have never heard of before.

This book can be used for older children as well, which talks about sharing toys with friends. This book has more text than the others mentioned before.

My Mum is Fantastic” is another great title for older children, with good images and a lot more text. Again I loved the title for obvious reasons, which I will read to Lauren more when she’s older!

I have also done a previous post about reading with Lauren, which you can check out Here!

With Love,

Lauren’s Mummy.




  1. Jingi Odiachi · June 5, 2017

    Awww, looks like little Lauren isn’t so little anymore. It’s wonderful hearing about all her antics while so grows!

    Liked by 1 person

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