My Little Walker.


Hey guys, I’m officially off my mini blog break, Lolo is 16 months old now (Yes I’m one of those mothers who shares her baby’s’ age in months only to mum friends though… hehe)

Lauren has grown so much, she now points to things, sings her favourite nursery rhyme ‘Wind the Bobbin up’ and is completely obsessed with bubbles!

So recently I’ve been anxious about Lauren walking, I’m always asking my mum questions and fellow mummies about when their little ones started walking. Most of the answers I get are ‘She’ll do it in her own time’ and ‘Leave her alone, and she’ll do it on her own.’ Of course, as a first time mummy you question yourself and wonder when are certain milestones going to be hit, or am I doing something wrong but the reassurance from those around me always help. Lauren doesn’t really like her baby walker, and insists on playing with the music at, the front that learning how to walk with it.

Although most mummies are positive, some other people are not so nice when it comes to the issue of walking. Sometimes I hear “My baby was walking at 7 months.” Or “Wow she’s STILL not walking yet.” Another comment is “Stop carrying her or she’ll never walk.” It’s hard when you’re anxious about something and negative comments don’t make the situation any better. Since becoming a mum people tend to compare, babies with forgetting that all babies are different. They hit milestones differently and in their own time. Does that make you a bad parent? No. Because babies do things when they are good and ready!

Last weekend Lauren took a few steps unaided, and started walking around randomly. I was so shocked!! My little princess that could barely fit in her car seat from the hospital, has gained independence and has started walking.

Before she started walking I was advised to stop putting her in her pram shoes, even though they’re super cute I purchased walking shoes in the hope that this will encourage her to walk. Lauren took her first steps in socks though so footwear really didn’t matter.

I got her a lovely pair of walking shoes from Mothercares’ ‘The Toddler Years.’ I love that in the shoes you can remove the insoles and measure your babies feet to see if they fit correctly. I got them in a size 4 which are still a bit big for Lauren which gives her time to grow into them.

I have a thing for navy footwear, Lauren already has a few pink shoes and I find that as growing babies they tend to mess up brighter coloured shoes.

I bought Lolo her first pair of Converses!! Both myself and hubby love Converses which is so weird so I got Lauren a cute pair in navy, in a size 4 too. They are not as big as the Mothercare pair so I let her wear them at home for the meantime.

Since Lauren has started walking she’s literally trying to walk everywhere, and loves being outside come rain or shine. I guess this is where the harder work begins.


Sorry about the lack of pictures, trying to get Lauren to stand long enough for a picture is hard work!

With Love

Lauren’s Mummy.



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