The Co- Sleeping Struggle.

Hey guys,

Since having Lauren sleep has become a thing of the past. Literally. My day typically starts from about 8 in the morning and I’m on the go constantly from then. From preparing meals to trying to do some work I rarely get time for myself or to sleep. When Lauren was younger I wrote about my sleepless nights here. The rant this time is different. We now share a bed. At about 6 months my tiny baby grew longer and bigger so her Moses’ basket has become a laundry basket. Sleeping with Lauren you don’t know what to expect, a fart in the face or a kick in the neck the bed is basically hers now.

Sometimes I wake up in the night scared that she’s fallen out of the bed, or I’ve fallen into a deep sleep and crushed her. God forbid. The bottom line is I want my sleep and my bed back sigh. Her cot just takes up space in her bedroom and is slowly growing dust because we rarely use it.

Recently I met with the Health Visitor who gave me useful tips on how to get into a sleeping routine, and get Lauren in her cot, and possibly get the bed back. The fact that I’m still Breast feeding at 15 months doesn’t make the process any easier, because Lolo is stuck to me like glue at night. Before these tips we used to go to the bed at the same time together, I had no time to do bits and bobs because I was so tired too.

She encouraged me to give baby a bath every night, letting her play in the bath splash make a mess and essentially make her tired. Then massage her with some baby oil to get her into a relaxing mood.

Once she has finished having a bath get her dressed in a dark or lowly lit room no television or loud noise which is hard because I enjoy watching a few shows whilst changing Lolo. Oh, yes and play some soothing music i.e. nursery rhymes or classical music.

Place baby into her cot and she should genuinely fall asleep, or whinge for comfort. At this point I usually rock her to sleep. Every day is not the same, although I try and maintain a sleeping routine I find when I visit my mums’ or go out later than usual my sleeping routine is pretty much non-existent. On these days, I prevent Lauren from sleeping more than once a day as I know she’ll be super tired when she eventually falls asleep.

Since the helpful words of encouragement from the Health Visitor I have been trying daily to get Lauren down on time, have a moment to myself for some Green Tea and Scandal. Some days prove difficult than others, but persistence in this case is key. Hopefully I’ll get my bed back soon.

Before having Lauren, I never realised that sleep would be one of the biggest challenges for me. Every baby is different and some parents get to enjoy sleeping through the night from day one. For me a sleeping routine is something which I’m desperately working on, to have a few precious moments to myself.


Do any other parents have any helpful sleeping tips? Please share below.


With Love


Lauren’s Mummy.




  1. lollybeeslife · May 11, 2017

    I wish I had some words of wisdom for you, but I’m probably in a worse situation. Getting my little boy to sleep is a pain, and i end up singing him to sleep in bed with me. For me, I think i need to muster up the courage to be firm with a given technique and see it out to the end. Everyone seems to have these perfect stores of how they sleep trained their child, so this post lets me know I’m not the only one finding it a pain.

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    • Lauren's Mummy · May 11, 2017

      It’s refreshing when somebody else experiences the same thing. Awww bless him. I don’t have the techniques myself, I tend to use what works best for me and try a more firmer approach hehe. Hopefully one day we get our sleep back 💕💕


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