Mother’s Day!

Hey guys,


It’s been a while, Lauren has become a lot of work. I barely get five minutes to myself when she’s awake. I dart around the house like a housefly on a mission! Baby groups, cooking, cleaning, literally doing everything and anything but sleeping myself. Sigh. This is all what motherhood includes and I wouldn’t change it for the world!

Recently I had the opportunity of shooting some motherhood videos, with The Sun. Last week myself and my fellow yummy mummy @smilesndrool shot a lovely Mother’s Day video, honouring our inspiring mothers and celebrities too. You can watch this video Here! We also shot a video discussing things, we never knew until we became mummies! You can also watch this on their Facebook Page!

Last Sunday was my second Mother’s Day and it still feels weird. I know I’m a mum, but I still haven’t grasped the title if that makes sense. Mother’s Day before Lauren was a day to celebrate my Mum, Grandma, aunties who are like mummies to me, and some of my friends. My first Mother’s Day was two months after I had Lauren and I was still getting to grips on being a mummy. Second time around I was pleased with all my gifts, cards, flowers and a day of rest. Can it be Mother’s Day every Sunday? A day where hubby can cook, clean and tidy up? I can only dream.

I woke up to a lovely bunch of flowers, cards from my Lolo written by her dad of course. My siblings got me a cute picture frame which has this amazing quote, “A mother’s love is the heart of the family.” Without mothers a lot of men and families would struggle, we are like superglue. We fix everything, whilst keeping everyone and ourselves together.

My day was spent being pampered, filling myself up with chocolate and trying to have some “me time!” It’s always good to have a few moments to myself, to just RELAX!
I can’t wait to celebrate Mother’s Day with Lauren when she’s a bit older, and can understand what’s going on! I hope you all enjoyed your Mother’s Day!


With Love,

Lauren’s Mummy.





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