Happy Women’s Day!

Happy International Women’s Day ladies! There’s nothing like a special day to mark how strong, amazing and caring we all are. As women, today we are still scrutinised sometimes for our clothing, weight, parenting skills and the list unfortunately goes on. Being a woman is one of the best gifts God could give to us all. Seriously.

Coming from a big family I am surrounded by amazing women. From an early age my mum has always taught me things that I’ll never forget. Some good, some bad but without having my mother in my life things would’ve been different. I have strong- willed aunties, confident sisters and cousins. I also have a very sassy Grandma whom have all ultimately shaped me into the woman I am today. Thank you all.

As mothers, we have a lot of pressure put on us, to be this model mummy. There is no such thing. Every baby is different, as is every mother. We all face the same challenges as parents, but we experience them differently. Be it Breast feeding, Weaning, teething or trying to lose our ‘mum tums’ (I’m still trying. Effortlessly.) The comparison game is a dangerous game to play, honestly. I scroll through my Instagram feed sometimes and compare, my journey to other mummies. It’s inevitable, I’m human sometime I may second guess myself, but I have slowly realised that my journey was tailored for me! I may not get Lolo’s hairstyle picture perfect, or remember to wash off the dry yoghurt on my face but I’m trying my best.

Becoming a mum is one of the best challenges for me because no two days are the same. Lolo is always learning to do something new, and it’s amazing to watch her develop her social skills in baby groups, and her bubbly personality in such a petite frame. Raising a Queen will not always be easy but it’s a challenge worth every tear, sleepless night and stinky nappy.

Recently on Instagram I came across this lovely company called Yesmum. Yesmum® have a lovely store which you can purchase, affirmation cards ranging from Motherhood, Wellbeing and strength. These are one of the best purchases I have made this year! Nothing like a positive reminder to get the day started. I love positive messages of empowerment, as they remind me I am superwoman just in my own little version.

Here are a few of my favourite cards from the Motherhood Collection!

Enjoy this special day Ladies.


With Love

Lauren’s Mummy.



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