My Breastfeeding Journey!



Hey guys,

Happy New month! March marks the start of spring, bring on the longer days and shorter nights. I can’t wait for summer it has been cold for way too long. Lolo is 14 months today; time is truly flying by. I remember bringing her home for the first time, and just staring at her in amazement. Now she’s grown into a little madam, she gives the dirtiest looks I’ve ever seen and is good at messing up the sitting room with all her toys.


This week I got the opportunity to feature on another lovely mummy’s blog. Kelly-Anne was amazing to work with, and really showed a keen interest in my story. You can also visit Kelly’s Blog! My featured post is part of the “Motherhood Monday’s network.” My post discussed issues surrounding being ‘ an anxious first time Mummy!’ click here to read my post and enjoy!


Before I had Lauren I didn’t really pay much attention to breast feeding. I was unsure whether I would breastfeed or give her formula, however my mum advised me to breast feed as breast is best. As cliché as it sounds breast really is best and I have enjoyed breastfeeding Lolo but I’m ready to stop completely.

Once I gave birth I was overwhelmed with shock, I didn’t think I actually gave birth to Lolo and actually experienced Labour. Once Lauren was handed to me I tried to latch her on but failed miserably. This made me feel a bit anxious however persistence is always key. In the hospital Lauren was given formula and that is the first and last time, I have seen her drink formula milk, from a bottle. Sigh.

Fast forward to our first night together and I was yet to produce any breast milk. Lauren cried and cried I honestly thought I would’ve got kicked off the ward just because of all her noise. Getting home, I experienced the same thing, a night of tears, frustration and stress. My milk finally came in two days later and hasn’t stopped since. Once the milk came the issue of ‘latching on’ followed. Lauren found it really hard to breast feed and stay on for longer than five minutes. Now she tugs at my clothes and when she’s very hungry pulls my breast. This can be super annoying, but the older she gets the more tricks she has to get fed.

Lauren LOVES breast milk. In her earlier months I couldn’t leave her at home for a couple of hours, because she would cry of hunger. Now we have developed a routine I only give her night feeds, during the day she eats her normal meals and drinks some whole milk from time to time. Every day is not the same, sometimes Lauren wants breast milk during the day. As hard as it is I have to be extremely strict and not feed her during the day. I usually give her water or some snacks to distract her.

In her cereal I also put Aptamil Growing Up Milk which she quite likes, but hates drinking from her cup. Lolo loves the comfort of breast feeding, as she practically wants to go back into my stomach.

I’ve finally got to the stage where I need my breasts back. As weird as it sounds I just want her to sleep through the night, drink whole milk and let me rest. I have enjoyed breast feeding as I have this unbreakable bond with my daughter and it’s free, easy and always there to give.

A lot of people question me about breast feeding my daughter after 6 months, and it sometimes irritates me. It took a while for me to get the hang of breastfeeding, now I’ve mastered it Lauren doesn’t want to let go. I was breast fed for 18 months and hated formula milk according to my mummy. So Lauren is just like me! I turned out just fine and my Lolo will be just as good as me, even better. Hehe.

Do any other mummies have tips on how to completely wean her off breast milk?

Please comment and share below.


Lauren’s Mummy.





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