Lolo’s first photo shoot!



Hey guys,

We’ve had such an eventful weekend. Myself and Lauren were invited to take part in a photo shoot for Nibbling UK. Nibbling UK is a luxurious teething brand which provide, beautiful jewellery pieces for mums, to wear and babies to nibble on hehe. I was nervous beforehand about travelling on the underground, to Central London with my Lolo at the same time I was super excited to take pictures. I’m a picture fanatic honestly.


Here’s a little information about the brand!

Nibbling Teething jewellery is made from food safe silicone, free from BPA, Phthalates, heavy metals and toxins. Nibbling Jewellery is dishwasher safe and are super useful for teething. They range from Necklaces, bracelets and dummy clips. I love how unique and colourful the brand is, the benefits for Lauren and how well it can match all my outfits.

On Friday my princess and I set off early in the morning, and got the tube. Everybody we bumped into smiled and played with Lauren which eased off my anxiousness a bit before getting to the shoot.

Once we arrived we were welcomed by the founder Emily, of Emily is such a lovely host, and mother we really had a good time at the photo shoot. We initially met all the other yummy mummies before setting down to shoot.

Emily The founder of Nibbling Jewllery.

The shoot ideas & colours.

Lauren’s first outfit was a lovely Zara 2 in 1 pink blouse, with a monochrome attachment. For the first look I sat with Lauren and wore a pink and green necklace with matching bangles. Lauren was very playful with other babies, but would fuss after some pictures, which is expected with a new environment.

We then took pictures for the Baby shower theme. This was a group shot with all the other mummies, including Emily the creator and founder of Nibbling UK. The babies wore white and the mummies changed the necklaces worn.

Lauren’s next outfit change was gifted to us by Emily. All babies wore white tops which were from a brand called “Little Dot Baby Shower” and some really cute leggings from “Blaade & Rose.” In these pictures Lauren was more relaxed, after a feed and change which was really good for the pictures. Lauren has never used a dummy however for the shoot Lauren used the cutest floral dummy clip, and posed really well for the picture.

Once all the photos were taken we had a few refreshments, and Emily gifted us with some goodies.

Emily gave me some lovely pieces of Nibbling for Lauren which has been really handy as she’s teething at the moment. Nibbling has provided some good relief for her little gums.

These were our lovely gifts!

  • A Prada fragrance.
  • A bathtime mirror for Lauren.
  • A keepsake fridge magnet.
  • A gorgeous sparkly keyring.

We also got some exclusive Nibbling Jewllery including a bangle rattle, a Valentine’s Day special necklace and a mint green starry necklace.

This is a Silivo Mat which can be used as a plate, but also a mat perfect for feeding and I can’t wait for Lauren to use it. 

We had such an amazing day! I am super proud of Lauren, she’s really learning to interact well with other babies and she was always camera ready!

Thank you Emily for such a fun filled day. It was truly a wonderful experience; one we will never forget.


Please visit their website:

Instagram: @nibblinguk

My Instagram is: @mummydiaries2016

With Love,

Lauren’s Mummy.





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