Eczema Struggles.

Hey Dolls,
Recently when laying Lauren down to change her nappy she always fusses and wants to crawl away. It’s always a battle to change her nappy, I guess as she has gotten older she wants to crawl around and explore which is great, but girl I need to change your nappy!

Whilst changing her nappy Lauren uses her changing mat to scratch her little arm. At first I thought she had a rash that would disappear on its own, however I realised the Eczema had come back again. Great.


For those of you who don’t know, Eczema is a dry skin condition which is not contagious. It can leave the skin broken, red and itchy with rashes

When I was a little girl I had really bad Eczema on my face, behind my neck, arms and behind my legs. I hated it. I felt I looked like a Lizard and it really made me insecure about the way I looked.

 I remember constantly scratching myself, sometimes even drawing blood. Thankfully my Eczema cleared up and my skin is perfect now compared, to how scaly and rough it was before.

During my pregnancy in the later stages Eczema made an appearance on my arm and it was a nightmare trying hard not to itch. I was prescribed a cream called Fucibet which provided instant relief and cleared it up.

 I really didn’t want my baby to inherit Eczema from me because I know how much I struggled with this condition and I would hate for Lauren to go through it. Thankfully her Eczema is not as bad as mine, and she only remembers to itch it once I need to change her.

I noticed Lauren’s first bit of Ezcema when she was about two months old on her pretty face. I tried to use Sudocrem initially, it didn’t work she just looked like she dipped her face in paint and it was slowly drying off. Sudocrem only made Lauren’s face dry so we visited the GP.

Our GP prescribed us with the problem solver. Well I call it the problem solver because it really helped clear her face, even though she has Eczema on her arm the creams provide some itchy relief. The creams are Zerolatum and Zeroderm

The Zerolatum is a thick liquid which is used in her baths and the Zeroderm is an ointment which I can use in the bath and on her skin.



Our Bath Time regime has had an upgrade as well because, Lauren loves to be in the water. She forgets to scratch her arms in there and just generally enjoys playing in there.

I use my hands to apply the ointment, but a soft sponge for the Johnson’s Top-To-Toe shower gel. Lauren loves bubbles and splashing water, as long as she’s happy and not scratching her arm I really don’t mind.

We got some lovely ducks for Christmas, which light up in the water which distracts Lauren whilst I apply the ointment to her skin.

We also have Felix the Frog which comes with mini pots and bowls, for Lauren to pour water into and have some fun trying to work out where the water disappears to.

Since her Eczema has come back I bathe her frequently and apply both the Zeroderm and Zerolatum daily to help provide relief and clear her skin. I cream her affected area twice a day and gradually her Eczema has begun to fade away! Yaaaay.

My Pink Lady has clearer skin!

I really hope Lauren doesn’t get Eczema as bad as mine, but if she does I’ll be here to control it.

With Love


Lauren’s Mummy.





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