Princess LoLo is One!! ðŸ’•

Happy New Year Guys!! Hope you all had a good Christmas, and enjoyed the New Year celebrations?

We surely did! Lauren turned one on New Years Day! On New Years Day 2016  I was rolling on the hospital floor, literally crawling around like a baby in so much pain! Fastforward a year and my baby is ONE! My mini fashionista is one. The sleepless nights, the poo stained vests and babygrows. All worth it. Honestly.

So on New Years Day we celebrated  Lauren’s Birthday with our close family and friends. I chose a Minnie Mouse theme because Lo is my Minnie! Oh and I love Minnie Mouse.We purchased the yummiest cream sponge cake to cut on Lauren’s special day.

We also made a small sweets table for the few children that came along too.

I absolutely adored this cake! I chose pink and black, one of Lauren’s dresses were red with white polka dots, so I decided to vary the colours.

We got such amazing feedback from everybody who ate her cake. It was so hard not to have more than one piece, especially when I’m trying to lose some weight this year.

I also got a unique balloon from an independant retailer, in London. Lauren liked it too but just wanted to spend the whole night popping it. 😂

Lauren’s first outfit was a dress from Laura Ashley, shoes from Next and cardigan from Mothercare. Lauren was in a funny mood that day, I guess she was overwhelmed with all her guests.

We hardly captured any smiles which is a shame, during events babies tend to get a bit fussy. It’s normal honestly, just aslong as you don’t get annoyed by it you will go on to have a good time. Trust me I have the experience from family visits and her Christening. The Diva in Lauren is always exposed.

Her second outfit was from the Disney Store on Amazon. As soon as I saw this beautiful dress, with the ears as headbands I just had to get it. ( sorry mum for the feature.)

Lauren was glued to me the whole day and just couldn’t let go until the party had practically finished.

Finally got a smile. 😊

Lauren got so many gifts with Christmas being a week earlier, so I’ve picked my top three gifts.

My Lolo has an obsession with keys! Anytime I have my keys she crawls into my handbag, to play with them. We also practically share a phone 🙄!  I was really happy when my hubby bought her, her First Gadget Set from ELC. 

Lauren officially has her own phone even though she still enjoys facetiming, and calling random numbers. The set also comes with a remote control which speaks in French, Spanish and English. Soon my Lolo will be counting in French hahaha mark my words! This set has keys too which is always a good distraction when she’s in her carseat fretting.

Another favourite gift was this cute jacket from Next.

I love dressing Lauren up and I can’t wait for her to wear this in the Spring with a pair of wellies and jeans ahhh. 😍

This Next jumper is also fabulous, I really like the detailed sleeves and the wooly centre.

We had a really good start to the year, celebrating my beauts 1st Birthday with all our family.

Here’s to a hundred more years of partying on New Years Day!
Happy 2017 to you all! ✨
With Love
Lauren’s Mummy.


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