Father Christmas and Beef Fried Rice.

Hey guys,

It’s been a pretty hectic week! Christmas shopping can be such a headache, whilst trying to do a million other things at the same time!! Ahh thank God for online shopping, because trying to navigate my pushchair or sling, through a crowd of annoying shoppers.

Last Saturday we attended an amazing event called Mummy’s Day Out a Christmas Luncheon. The main purpose of this event was to meet other young first time mummy’s, network and eat some Christmas lunch. Lauren and I had a really good time, meeting other bloggers and hearing other women’s testimonies about motherhood!

I really wanted to take pictures of the day but ended up Snapchatting the whole thing. ( mummybrain)

Here was our Christmas lunch which we made a mess of.

 Very inspiring day, and a good opportunity to network and speak to other mummies about blogging and business.

You can follow them on Instagram @mummys_day_out 💋

Lauren had the opportunity to take a picture with Santa Claus. What an experience. 

Lauren gave him some major side eye, and ended up crying. 😂❤️ A professional photographer was on hand to take pictures, which we are yet to receive. Lauren also got her first Christmas present.. woohooo even though she tried to chew the wrapping paper we got it home in one piece. 

Lauren’s OOTD

This grey blouse is from H&M and her lovely gilet is from Next Baby. Her jeggings are from River Island. I love putting Lauren in jeggings/ jeans as she’s always crawling or climbing, so I feel she’s more comfortable in casual wear.

All in all we had a really good afternoon, but I left Lauren’s changing bag at the venue. Great. Halfway home and realised I left it on the floor. Mummy brain was in full effect on Saturday honestly.

Lauren was clearly irritated with me. 🙈

Two weeks ago I purchased a lovely cookbook for babies, toddlers and beyond. It’s called Micah’s Meals by Amaka Benson. Absolutely FANTASTIC book.

  I love supporting other mummies in any way I can, so I had to purchase this book!

Rice is my weakness and anytime I eat mine Lauren wants some, however my rice is heavly spiced. In Micah’s Meals I found an easy recipe for beef fried rice.

This meal was easy to make, quick and super yummy. Amaka instructed that we used Beef Mince instead of Beef, the seasoning was fantastic and the whole family enjoyed this meal.

I would advise all mummies to purchase this lovely, helpful book it’s essential honestly.


With Love,
Lauren’s Mummy.



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