Mummy’s Time.

Hey guys,

Now that Lauren has become an explorer, playing with everything from keys to the remote controls. Lauren finds every corner in the sitting room to play in, stressful? Yes! Even though it gets annoying picking up the pieces of paper she’s torn or the squashed Weetabix on the carpet, I wouldn’t have her any other way.

Initially it was hard for me to adjust having a baby but over time, I got used to the many challenges.

With Lauren getting bigger she has so much energy and wakes up super early 😩 Sometimes I just want to crawl back under the covers and sleep some more! But once she’s up I’m up!!
In the mornings I always make sure I eat breakfast. Everyday is different so some mornings we get up at 8 or 11 it all depends on how well Lauren slept the night before.

I usually have some Quaker Oats, a Banana and loads of water. During pregnancy we are always encouraged to stay hydrated, the same applies after pregnancy. Water is necessary.

Skin Care!

Garnier Shine Be Gone is one of the best facial scrubs I have used. It’s fantastic for my pores which I hate and it’s suitable for sensitive skin. My trusted pink glove is good for exfoliating my skin, especially after a long day or night.

After my facial scrub I use Lancôme Advanced Génifique. I discovered this when working in beauty, and the brand consultants encouraged me to use it. Even though it says Youth Activating Cream this is good for all skin types, regardless of age. 

After the serum I use the Génifique Nutrics Cream which is as light as the serum. Both have made my skin much clearer and smoother with and without makeup. Wooohoo.

I’m no makeup artist but I do love wearing makeup. Every womans’ nightmare is removing it. It can be frustrating after a long day with baby. My two favs are the Garnier Skin Active Micellar Cleansing Water. I use this with some face pads to remove my makeup, even though it says ” no rinsing” I still wash my face afterwards.

Mascara and eyeshadow can be stubbon at times to remove, so I also apply Nivea’s Extra Gentle Eye Make Up Remover. I love the smell which is always a bonus and how easy it is to take my eye makeup off.

Dry lips and dry skin is not my portion, but it’s so easy to forget to moisturise my lips. This Cocoa Butter Vaseline is the best one hands down. Easy to use, affordable and compact enough to put in pockets or handbags. It’s also easy for Lauren to play with in her pushchair and lose. I’ve lost about 5 so far. 🙄

Fragrances have ALWAYS been my thing. When I smell good I feel good. Being a busy mummy shouldn’t stop me from smelling lovely so I always spray my perfume. Nobody wants a sweaty hug.

My favourite perfume is Lancôme La Vie est belle which translates as ” Life is beautiful.” This is such a rich, flowery but not too strong scent. It’s one of the best fragrances I’ve had and it lasts for ages.

Even though I’m really busy with LoLo I always find some “me” time, it’s essential honestly. Now I’ve found a balance between looking after Lauren and still looking after me!
With Love,
Lauren’s Mummy.



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