What’s For Dinner?

My baby is eleven months old, gosh where has the time flown?! Lauren is crawling everywhere, it’s like having a mini hoover at home she tries to pick up EVERYTHING and put it straight into her mouth. I follow her around like her shadow making sure she doesn’t pick up anything nasty. 

With Lauren growing fast her demand for food has grown so much. Before she used to struggle to eat but now she’s a little foodie like me! 

Dinner time has changed for us because she wants to eat whatever is on my plate. Pepperish or not her mouth is always on the move. As well as eating meals with the family I alternate between packet and home made foods. 

I have tried a variety of brands, but she prefers Ella’s Kitchen. Here are a few of her favs.

I love the colourful packaging and the uniqueness of the brand. They are affordable and 100% Organic which is so encouraging, when alot of other foods lack this.

The pouches with the screw caps are good for when going out and retaining the freshness of the meals. I usually put the leftovers in weaning containers, and in the fridge or freezer. The bigger pouches are good for storing aswell, they contain more food as Lauren grows her demand for food is higher!

The Wonderfully warming Beef Stew with Spuds is Lauren’s favourite meal! She loves trying to chew with her little teeth and making a huge mess. I warm this up for about a minute and leave to stand for 30 seconds.  

The Cheery Chicken Roast Dinner With Stuffing smells so yummy! Lauren started eating this meal at 7 months, it doesn’t have chunky bits or lumps and is more smoother in texture.

For dessert or a snack during the day, I usually give Lauren fruit snacks, Petits Filous or Organix Puree which she enjoys alot.

These are available in Tescos for £1.90 a pack or two packs for £3.00. Organix is a fantastic brand and provides a healthy organic puree option. These purees have chunky pieces which help with chewing, and it’s also really yummy. ( Yes I taste Lauren’s food 😊) 

Weaning has been such an experience, and I’m so glad there are healthy options as well as homemade foods to give to my baby girl.

Don’t forget your bibs, I use a Tommee Tippee plastic bib which is easy to clean the mess off. You need your chewy spoons and a mat under the high chair to pick up all the mess.

With Love
Lauren’s Mummy.



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  1. YummyMummyDiaries · December 1, 2016

    Good one Trina ❤️


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