My Little Book Worm.

Hey guys,

Whilst pregnant with Lauren I was told to read to my bump, so she gets used to my screechy voice. I thought to myself how weird it would be me, talking to my bump and not seeing her face. 

After sometime I started reading to her, whilst pregnant I read a variety of books and magazines without trying to fall asleep! Preggo woman problems. 😂 

Now ten months old I enjoy reading to Lauren, a bit of bonding other than her wanting to be next to me every single minute of the day! Lolo gets really excited when she sees colours and pictures, but because she has such a short attention span she starts using the book as a gum soother.

“That’s not my fairy..” is one of Lauren’s favs as this book helps a great deal with her hand and eye coordination. She loves touching the pages and looking at the bright pictures.

Lauren is obsessed with this fluffy page!

My little explorer trying to pick up the wand.

These “touchy-feely” books are available in any bookshop and are useful for babies and children.

Ladybird sing-along books are good for sound. Whilst reading to Lauren she constantly presses the button, and puts her ear close to it looking for the sound! 

Even though the language in these books are more advanced for Lolo’s age but I still read them from time to time.

We were gifted these lovely books by family friends, which are good for older children but good to sing to Lauren during the day. She loves music and has recently started nodding her head to music. Hehehe hope she’ll be a singer.

Speaking to another first time mummy at church on Sunday, and we agreed that sometimes as mums we become so bothered by milestones and forget the importance of learning and teaching our babies from a young age.
With love,

Lauren’s Mummy.



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