Sleepless Nights.

Hey guys,

I’m literally wide awake scrolling through Boohoo and Asos looking at dresses. It’s 5am. My phone has fallen on my face about three times, but I can’t sleep!

Lauren has had a really bad cold this week, thanks to her Dad! It’s been such a struggle getting her to go back to sleep in her cot. She wants to sleep on my chest all night, so I wake up with cramps in my arms. Aslong as she’s comfortable then I’m not complaining. ( Yeah I will remind her about this in the future. Trust me.)

People ALWAYS say why don’t you sleep when she sleeps during the day. Or let her stay with her daddy for a few hours, whilst you catch up on sleep. 

I can’t sleep when she sleeps because I have shows to watch, I need to  eat or do some washing. Mummy Life somedays can be really challenging.

Lo playing with her Daddy for a minute is troublesome! She runs rings around him because she knows he will carry her if she cries. It’s either she makes a mess on her clothes or starts crawling backwards into the kitchen.

I don’t like broken sleep, but it’s something I’m so used to now since having Lo. Before I could sleep during the day and have about 10 hours sleep at night. 😩 Now I’m up doing late night feeds and sitting on Instagram in the early hours, like some American. Sigh.

I can’t wait till Lo Lo can sleep through the night and I can sleep with my mouth open without waking up every 4 hours 😂😂
Lauren’s Mummy 



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