Teething Woes.

Hey guys,

I should be sleeping but my LoLo is up at least every two hours, restless and crying. Having a nightmare? Nope. TEETHING. When having a baby people forget to mention the not so little things like; injections, colds and teething. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜©

During the day I catch Lauren putting anything in her mouth, from my Ipad to a bunch of keys just to soothe her little gums. It breaks my heart watching her in pain and I always check in  the mornings to see if any teeth have appeared. 10 months in and still waiting. Waiting not so patiently.

So I’ve found a few solutions to the teething drama, apart from Breastfeeding!

Lauren loves cold Pineapples and Cucumbers. I know both ease the discomfort she experiences. I slice them in strips easier for her to hold and enjoy messing up her clothes as always. I love Tupperware best thing ever when you have a little one, especially for on the go. 

These are a few other things we use during teething.

Organix Finger Food Carrot Sticks. I get these from Tescos and I’m pretty sure they are available in most high street retailers. They are a bit like Wotsits just a thicker carrotty flavour.

Quavers. Love Love Love them. I know they’re for Lauren but it’s a light low calorie snack for me to finish when she’s bored. These are good as they are not as harsh as other crisps and they dissolve quite quickly.

Apple Biscotti Snack. These are harder finger biscuits but are really good in helping Lauren get used to different textures. These are quite cheap 75p from Tescos a good snack for on the move. Be warned it can get quite messy.

Ashton & Parsons. This is sachets of powder perfect for teething. It’s originally from Nigeria and my Grandma swears by it. I usually rub it on her gums and it helps when she’s fussing during the day. 

Next stop Teething Rings.

I’m indifferent with teething rings. I’ve bought so many thinking they would solve all my problems. Lauren chews one for about ten seconds, loses concentration and does something else. 

Most recently I have started putting them in the fridge, again to cool her gums down during this process. My teething rings go everywhere with us just as a colourful distraction sometimes and to stop her from chewing my fingers off!

I met another yummy mummy last night, her son is six months and already has a tooth. I was thinking when will my baby get hers. Then I remembered every baby is different. The process may be long, tiring and sometimes frustrating but it will happen in God’s time! 
Lauren’s Mummy.




  1. Mrs B · October 30, 2016

    Awwwwh poor bubba hopefully it gets better and her teeth pops through


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