Bath Time.

Hi guys,

being a mum can be so hectic. All my days are rolled into one and time literally flies by. Lauren has fully mastered how to crawl backwards, and now she wants to stand up by all means. It’s so exciting watching her hit milestones and becoming a mini diva like her yummy mummy 😂

So this post is about bath time! Lauren’s favourite part of her day. I call her my water baby she absolutely loves splashing about in water. Only thing she doesn’t like recently is washing her hair.

When Lauren came home from the hospital her two grandmas were so adamant that she needed to bath the Nigerian way. I was used to seeing this on other babies but I got really anxious when they started flipping her around like a towel. Literally. My little baby was rubbed in palm oil and turned upside down, it was an overwhelming experience, but I had to let the Grandmas’ take control!

In the first few months I was scared that I would drop her in the bath or make her drown. A bit dramatic I know but she was very tiny. My mum was a great help until I built my confidence.
These days I give Lauren a bath unassisted!! Yay me! Which she really enjoys.

These are our bath time essentials

In the first month Lauren developed a rash on her face, I was so keen on using all her Johnsons’ products initially not realising how sensitive her skin was. So I use Simple Baby which is really good for sensitive skin. I also use this to wash her hair. 

The doctor prescribed Zerolatum which is good for Eczema prone skin. I pop a few drops in the water and it clouds up. We also use the ointment which is good for her skin and cleared all her early baby rashes up.

I’ve only recently introduced the Johnsons’ products for bath time, because I think her skin is not as sensitive as it initially was. I also love the smell and Lo loves splashing around with bubbles.

We also use her ducks, foam stickers and her special book. These are all colourful and brilliant distractions for when she fusses whilst I wash her hair. 😂
Lauren’s Mummy 






  1. sarahshosho · January 18, 2017

    Gurrrll that nigerian bath had my eyes out of my head. Mickiel was screaming. I walked out the room and left mum to it. Palm oil was everywhereeeeee

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