Pre Baby Must Haves!

When I found out I was having Lauren I was overwhelmed with fear, shock and uncontrollable happiness! I felt so honoured that God had chosen me as a mother, and was smothered alot anywhere I went. Especially at home. Hehe.

I never realised that I did need essentials before she arrived, I was top busy taking bumpies and eating everything and anything.

Lauren came a week early so I was under the impression I still had time to run around, because I do everything last minute. Such a bad habit.

These are my essentials before baby comes.

  • Moses Basket! I got mine as a gift a few weeks before her arrival. Mine was from Mama’s and Papa’s but there are loads on the highstreet with a cheaper price tag; Kiddicare, Tescos, Asda, Mothercare.
  • Car Seat. I thought I could cradle her in my hand on my way home. My mum literally schooled me on everything! That’s the advantage of having an ex-Midwife as a mother. ❤️ Read manuals before hand as they can be quite tricky.
  • Pushchair. I liked to go on walks with Lauren and shopping for fresh air. Being at home day in day out was becoming boring! Get a pushchair to escape!
  • Bouncer. I was gifted two by my aunty and close friend. Very good to put baby in for some time and rest your arms although it will be impossible!!
  • Blankets. No matter how warm or cold it is baby will still need to adjust their body temperatures and protect them from greasy fingers.
  • Hand Sanitiser. The amount of people touching the baby can be overwhelming, kill any  bacteria use sanitiser.
  • Nappies. Loads and loads of nappies are needed. Size 1’s. Asda and Tesco are always doing good deals on nappies. I love using Pampers, best brand and reliable.
  • Cotton Wool Pleats. In Lauren’s first few months I never used wipes at home, only on outings. Cotton Wool is softer and better on sensitive skin.
  • Baby Bath and Wash Basin. Another essential for baby as they need their own clean bathing units.
  • Towels! The baby will need a soft towel and flannel for their delicate skin.
  • Vaseline, Sudocrem and Powder. Vaseline and Sudocrem can be used as barrier creams to prevent and heal nappy rash. Powder can also be used as well for any rashes.
  • Breast Pads & After Pregnancy Pads. Breast Pads are good for the excess milk which leaks onto clothes, this prevents that. After peegnancy pads or nightpads are so important, don’t want to go into too much detail but get them! 
  • Bottle Sterilizer and Bottles. These are good for babies to learn how to take the bottle. Lo hates the bottle she likes snatching her cup and pouring half of her milk on herself. I can’t win.

Those are the essential materials but you will also need clothes! Not too many just a few staple pieces.

  • Babygrows ranging in size, Newborn and O-3 months.
  • Baby Hat to retain babys’ heat.
  • Socks. I used to dress Lo up as early as three weeks. Don’t judge me. Socks are important.
  • Vests. Again to keep the baby warm.
  • Muslins. For any excess milk and to avoid stains.
  • Bibs. You can never have too many bibs. Bibs are everything!!!!
  • Coat. An all in one coat to keep baby warm at all times.

Sainsburys’, Mothercare, Asda, Next and River Island, all have fantastic baby clothes at reasonable prices!

As I mentioned in my last blog post you don’t need to overspend buying clothes, because people will help out. I got so many clothes for Lauren and she doesn’t even wear them. 😳 

Spend more on the necessary items and everything else will fall into place. If I’ve forgotten anything it’s my baby brain. I forget so much these days.

Lauren’s Mummy 🎀


One comment

  1. Rayo · October 6, 2016

    Love the post.Keep them coming for future mommas like me.💞💞


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