Body Goals?! πŸ˜’

Happy Monday dolls!

Having the perfect body is something we all dream about! #bodygoals #dreambody #perfection.

Perfect to me is having a tiny waist, ironing board abs and a bum to die for. The reality of these things happening take a great deal of  time, effort and sweat! 😩

Realistically I don’t have time to work out every single day. It’s hard work!!

After having Lauren I noticed so many celebrities whom had given birth and they literally snapped back. Kim Kardashian, Teyana Taylor, Kandi Burrus just to name the few. Was I jealous? YES! Why couldn’t my body bounce back immediately to what it looked like before Lo?

I became so obsessed with the glow up that I forgot to realise its a working process! These celebrities have personal trainers at their beck and call, they don’t like pounded yam with Egusi soup or jollof rice with chicken!! They have to lose that weight because they have an image to maintain.

I have an image to maintain aswell, but I don’t get paid millions of dollars just to look good and eat right. BUT I want to feel and look good! These are two separate things I know, but how you feel is everything.

Do I still eat pounded yam? Of course I do. I just don’t let the medias current obsession with weight loss and post baby bodies to stress me out! You shouldn’t let it either.

My weight has always been a concern of mine since being a teenager. I have tried every diet you could think of just to be a size smaller, wear a bodycon dress and show my figure. There is so much pressure out there to look a certain way. In weight, hair and makeup in a sense you have to conform to the trend.

I learnt to be positive. I made my portions smaller, did mini workouts with my sister and started to drink plenty of water! As mentioned before I want to look good and feel good. Not just look good put it on Snapchat and wait for screenshots and comments.

When I was pregnant I was a size 16-18 in the last few weeks. I can happily say I wore a size 12 last week. The weight has dropped off due to diet change and breastfeeding of course.

Initially I let Kim Kardashians post baby body ( sad but true) put unnecessary  pressure on myself to be super skinny quickly. I’m happier doing it at my own pace not comparing my body to anyone elses. I set my own goals and targets and as long as I feel good about my weight that’s the most important thing!

This is my Monday Motivation!
With Love

Lauren’s Mummy





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