Stretchmarks 😢

Hey Dolls,

This time last year I was 5 and a half months pregnant embracing my bump by wearing different midi dresses to highlight my bump!

During my pregnancy I never realised how much my body would change. My mum always encouraged me not to scratch my stomach but it was so HARD! It was like I had to itch every single second! image

I had all sorts of comments about my bump being too small, was I actually pregnant. 😒😑 People have taught me they will always have an opinion but it’s how you feel that truly matters!

In my final trimester stretch marks came along and made a lasting appearance! They were quite raw, light and constantly itchy!

After having Lauren I was keen to lose the baby weight but had to pace myself due to the pain I was in.

I started using Shea Butter from Ghana hoping that they will magically disappear. No luck it was literally a thick cream.

After my Shea Butter fail I tried Bio Oil. Initially I was hesitant about buying it because of the price hehe but For what it does it’s worth it!


So meet my three daily moisturisers. I use the Bio Oil as a base twice a day. Once in the morning and in the evening! My Cocoa Butter Cream I use for the smell but also for the stretch marks at the back of my legs as they are quite thinner, and do not need as much work as my stomach!

I use my Garnier Body Oil Beauty as an all over moisturiser, since having Lauren my skin tends to dry out quicker. I hate dry skin it’s the worst thing ever.

My stretch marks are gradually disappearing thank God. Although it’s going to take time for my stretchmarks to completely disappear, but it makes me happier knowing that I have found a solution to this problem.


With Love

Katrina & Lo x




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