Motherly Advice?

Since having my beautiful daughter everyone and anyone deems it necessary to give me maternal advice. I have no problem with getting advice about my daughter, but when the advice is bordeline offensive it can be really irritating. Trust me.
So this post is about the different points people have said to humour you!!

I frequently hear;

“Lauren is quite small for her age. Give her formula.”

My answer to this is my baby loves breast milk and doesn’t enjoy drinking formula. She is a perfectly normal weight for her age according to the health visitor!

Another opinion which makes me cackle.

“Don’t let your baby sleep during the day or you won’t sleep at night.”

My Lo loves sleep and she can sleep through anything come morning or night, her sleep is more important than mine!

A family friend was against Lauren wearing jeggings after she was born because she was cold.

My sitting room was really warm, she was wearing a hat and was not fussing at all, so why suffocate her in clothes?!

Comparisons really frustrate me. ” My son crawled at 5 months” or ” my aunty never crawled she just walked.” “Leave Lauren on the floor she will crawl by force, that’s what mine did.” So many different comparisons can cloud your judgement, if you let these people get under your skin.

Some opinions I value more than others, especially my mums although I’m quite cautious at times. 

One thing I have learnt is that every baby is different! It’s okay for your baby not to crawl but to walk, or to use a dummy. There is no rule book on how to raise your child, always do what’s best for you and baby!!

Mummy Trina




  1. sarahshosho · January 18, 2017

    Oh ive had this alot already i just laugh at everyone. I listen to my mum and whits advise.

    Liked by 1 person

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